Turn your iPod into a Karaoke machine w/ iKaraoke

prod_ikaraoke_main.jpgGriffin Technology is releasing a very interesting product this winter…iKaraoke. This little device plugs into your iPod, iPod Nano or iPod Mini and effectively turns it into a Karaoke machine. iKaraoke sends the music of your favorite tunes to your FM radio minus the lead vocals, allowing you to step up to the mic and belt out the lead to your favorite songs. It even features reverb effects to enhance your performance!
You can hook iKaraoke up to your stereo via in-line cable, or wirelessly through your FM reciever. With basic controls included on the mic, you can easily pause, rewind, skip forward, or even temporarily bring the lead vocals back up if you forget the lyrics.

All in all, this seems like a really cool party accessory for iPod users.

iKaraoke ships this winter. No word yet on price.

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