RUMOR: These can’t REALLY be the new iPod Nanos, can they?

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Apple legal has asked Gizmodo to take images that some are claiming are the new iPod nanos off their site. That can lead a lot of people to speculating that the images are real – since Apple has decided to step in and say something about them.

I don’t know if that’s true – but I have to admit, it makes me think there may be a little more to this. However, it could also simply be that these things look stupid, and Apple doesn’t want their investors thinking that those are the actual new iPod nanos.

Either way, let me say that I firmly believe this image above is a fake. There is too much about the image that looks questionable – like it’s trying too hard to be a “spy image”. That doesn’t mean, however, that the image above wasn’t created based on solid information about what these new Nanos are supposed to look like.

I really dislike this design – and I don’t see it fitting in with the look and feel of the iPod line very well, so I hope – personally – that this isn’t real…but you can’t help buy wonder with Apple legal getting involved and 9to5Mac (who are the ones who started this) standing so firmly behind this concept.

They have been reporting about this design for over a month, at least, and have had several different reports on it, claiming to have insider information. If they DON’T have that info, and they are just making these up – or if that info is being sent to them from a fake and they don’t know it…well, if that’s happening, they won’t be around for too long. It’s very risky getting behind something like this so firmly without KNOWING that it’s real.

Either way, I am certainly interested to see the next Apple event, and I hope we get some info on new iPods very soon.

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11 thoughts on “RUMOR: These can’t REALLY be the new iPod Nanos, can they?

  1. Yea, but would apple use the same layout concept they used for the old imacs? I’m just hoping it’s fake. I think if they redesigned the ipods it would be similar to the metal, black, glass style they got going on with the iPhone and iMac.

  2. Just because its a PSD doesn’t mean its fake for all we know its a psd of a new advertisement piece Apple was working on. However I dislike the new designs, but if all the rumors are true, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. Seems to make sence to me. Its a nano, with a widescreen for films or better viewing experience (think iPhone). Therefore, I think this will be the new design.

  4. @Mark: You’re thinking iPod Shuffle…

    …which would make a better looking shuffle (keeping scale in mind) than a nano. I’m hoping that the new iPods follow the other design as well. They seemed to hype the new color choices which, if true, seem to be only a small shift in the original hues. How about a Brown one–ewww…LOL!

  5. I hope they are fake, I think the proportions are wrong. This design is not sleek and streamlined like the 1st and 2nd gen nano, it just shouts ‘I’m bulky and won’t fit in your pocket!’. Steve pulled the original nano out of his jeans’ money pocket, no way that’ll work with this design. It appears about as wide as a full size iPod with video, which won’t fit in that pocket. I’d say this form factor is a step backwards, IF this is the next nano.
    Which I doubt, since it appears to cater different needs than the current nano. I guess it’s a new in-between device, between the current nano and a soon-to-be-announced widescreen video iPod.
    I guess we’ll know next month or so. In the meantime, I still hope Apple legal is tricking all of us 😛

  6. Well, seeing as it is a PSD file I would agree that it is a fake. I would think that an ad would be an InDesign file or something. Photoshop isn’t really meant for designing things, it’s more for touching up. And I would name it “New iPod Nanos!!!!” if I found this out.

  7. @ Rick ONeil: Wrong.
    @ Jaryd: Wrong.

    ohcyt (“it just shouts ‘I’m bulky and won’t fit in your pocket!’”): hahahahahahaha, wrong.

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