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The iPod Touch is showing up all over the place. You can find unboxing photos on Flickr, a 5/5 Editor’s Choice review at PC Mag, and a new Features PDF guide at Apple.com.

All good stuff.

I’m not planning to buy an iPod Touch, but I do plan to make the trek down to an Apple store soon to get my hands on one. I’m eager to see just how thin it is. I know there are a lot of you looking for the iPhone without the phone, and while I think that moniker can be a bit misleading, since Apple is limiting the iPod Touch in other ways, I think this may end up being Apple’s biggest year yet….thanks in no small part, to this little device.

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4 thoughts on “iPod Touch Now Available

  1. I am thinking of getting an 8 GB iPod Touch. I have an iPod 5th gen 60 GB for carrying all my media, but I also use a Palm TX PDA (I know I am living in the stone age). I think the touch would be a good replacement.

    I know the touch can’t do documents viewer, pdf’s, etc. However the wifi is mainly what I want.

    I do wish the Touch would allow the calender feature. That is what I would really miss.

  2. I am sure Apple is just holding the calendar input back, to be activated some later date with a software update, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think it was a bad idea. When I saw the Touch, I knew I wanted one, but this is holding me back until Apple officially fixes it. Heck I was more excited about the calendaring feature than about Safari, because I really could use a casual personal organizer. Lack of a notes app bites too.

  3. ^ Matt, the iPhone uses the exact same OS. You can literally copy the iPhone apps and copy them onto the Touch and run them, full calendar app, mail, weather, ect.

    Also Mike if you can take a look at the screens and see if they are using the same glass as iPhone 🙂

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