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The “iDropDead FE” application for the iPhone is a game involving the brutal beating, dismembering, breaking and decapitating of cartoon bear rag-dolls.

The physics puzzle game appeals to a certain taste, as one must smartly choose which flick of a thumb will send the cartoon bear on a path to shred its body as much as possible; if a hidden desire to toss virtual rag-dolls to utter ruin exists, then this is an ideal App to buy for $.99.

The game requires some skill, and is not as intuitive as one might assume, given the circumstances: swatting a thumb to pull the bear-doll a certain way to try and achieve points given for the most damage inflicted.

The level objectives include decapitation and total dismemberment, and the instructions say that the “more damage you cause the more fun you’ll unlock,” yet the game can be hard to succeed in.

“iDropDead FE” stands for iDropDead Flower Edition: the people at Apple did not allow the dolls to bleed, so the programmers altered the game so that the bears bleed flowers as morbid circus music rolls on. Choose which hill, maiming ledges, steps and pendulums to send the rag-dolls to, and loose your head.

Grade: B-/C+

iDropDead FE
iDropDead FE

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