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IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Guitar Tuner” iPhone App

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Nothing can be more horrid than an instrument that is out of tune. Pain ensues! With the “Guitar Tuner” App one can avoid disastrous embarrassment.

“Guitar Tuner” for the iPhone is the best of the free applications available. Although it limits one to tuning a guitar, and it only provides standard and drop D tunings, this program does provide an accurate and intuitive tool.

“Guitar Tuner” is as simple as a tuning fork and infinitely more portable. The App displays a guitar neck and the strings are labeled at the bottom of the screen. Once you thumb an “E” the sound for the string comes out in tune. This can then be easily compared to one’s own guitar.

Although the application is limited to the guitar only, and it only has two tunings available (they are the two most common tunings), the company Alvin Yu, which makes this App, also has a “Bass Tuner” application for the iPhone (also available for free).

Without spending a penny, the basses and guitars of the world never have to be out of tune again. Take action and prevent peoples ears from bleeding as a result of instruments out of tune!

Grade: B+

"Guitar Tuner" App
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