Apple to launch Video Sales in Europe

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Apple is taking it’s first steps into online video sales in Europe. Hopefully things will extend quickly, and all of Europe can enjoy the ease of video downloads from iTunes (and then maybe…MAYBE…one day I can download BBC programming from MY iTunes over here in the States…I want my Doctor Who dammit!!!!)

From the Article:

“Apple is going to extend its electronic retail activities in Luxembourg by launching this coming spring its iTunes video platform for the sale of videos in Europe,” Jeannot Krecke told AFP, confirming press reports.

According to Krecke, Apple bosses have been in discussion “for several months” with Luxembourg authorities on the implementation of the system.

“It will provide full-length television series in various European countries,” he said, without providing any more details of the plan.

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One thought on “Apple to launch Video Sales in Europe

  1. Good! I’ve got an Apple TV on order and I’d like the iTunes Movie Store to be in place when it arrives here in Scotland. The trouble with on-line TV is that there are too many competing players coming out of the woodwork, and some of them PC only (ie Channel 4’s 4OD).

    The BBC did announce some progress today…

    “Trustees said the BBC needed to be clearer about which programmes would be offered on this service – but suggested “landmark” series “with a beginning and end”, like Planet Earth or Doctor Who (!), should be eligible. ”

    However they seem to be using their own ‘iPlayer’. Mac compatible? Apple TV compatible? Who knows. But I doubt you’ll see Dr Who on iTunes any time soon!! I fear that all we’ll get in Europe (at least for some considerable time) is all the American stuff already on the US store and nothing more local.

    Interesting developments though.


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