Worst. iPhone Knockoff. Ever.

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There are bad knock off of the iPhone – and there are REALLY bad iPhone knocks…and this one is the worst one I’ve ever seen. This poor phone started off its life as a Sony Ericsson Walkman W52S slider. One dedicated Apple fanboy later, and BOOM – it’s an iPhone Frankenstein that shouldn’t exist – but does.

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via Gizmodo

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  1. Wow it really is the worst iPhone knock off i’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that the fakers would think that they came close to the iPhone. First off, their aesthetic design is bad and the product dimension resembles a bath soap. I can’t comment anything about the phone’s performance because I haven’t actually used one but by the looks of it, this phone is not going to be hot in the market.

  2. it’s not a knockoff if some dude decides to put a wallpaper on his phone that looks like an iphone home screen, and it’s still not a knockoff if he glues an iphone-esque button to the thing.

    at least this “iphone” comes cheap… that’s one huge advantage!


  3. This is actually not a knock off, just a temporary mod created by a sad Japanese iPhone fan desperately waiting for it to launch in Asia. We are also waiting for the iPhone here in Australia. I feel his pain.

  4. awww c’mon
    it’s so bad it’s funny and cute in a kind of weird fashion. You almost have to have some pity with the poor Sony Ericsson phone underneath this “mod”

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