This iPhone 4 is Made of HTML

It’s hard to believe, but this picture-perfect recreation of an iPhone 4 seen on the web, was created with no images. It’s nothing but pure HTML. CSS 3.0, to be exact.

Vasiliy Zubach created this amazing demonstration of CSS3 technology (part of the underlying code that powers most webpages) without the use of any images, graphics, pictures, or whatever you want to call them, whatsoever. Every icon, every curve, bezel, gradient — all of it was made using nothing but written code. 3,395 lines of code, to be exact.

If you know nothing about HTML code, trust me: that’s a heck of a lot.

The most amazing thing about it is that it’s not static. The slide-to-unlock feature works, the icons slide into view when you unlock it, you can turn it off with the power button, and you can turn it back on with the Home button. So not only has Zubach equaled Photoshop with his coding prowess, but he managed to make it interactive, as well.

You really have to see it for yourself. Online visitors checked it out more than 370,000 times in the first month alone, after he posted it to his website. And if you don’t mind a little broken English, you can find out more about how Zubach did it right here.

Robin Parrish

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