Migila offers up Mac DVR with Tivo-like TV Max

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tvmaxfigure1.jpgWant a Tivo for your Mac?  Miglia has got you covered.

They have released TV Max, a perfect looking add-on for you Mac Mini (or any Mac for that matter) that is a full functioning DVR with time shift recording, and a slew of other features. The device features a full program guide, the ability to edit out commercials from your recordings, incoding of VHS and Hi8 tapes, one click iPod export and more.

From the official site:

This revolutionary and stylish little box is really one of a kind.

You are now in control of your TV viewing: watch, pause, rewind, skip forward and record live TV.

You decide what to watch and what to record and it doesn’t end there. Once that favourite show has been recorded you can choose to edit those boring adverts or cut out uninteresting scenes and keep the things that you really want to watch.

TVMax receives analog over the air (antenna) and analog cable TV and features built-in video hardware compression within its small, yet ever so stylish case. It can even capture VHS tapes, allowing you to store them on your hard drive or burn them onto DVD.

So just sit back and let TVMax do all the hard work. It really will amaze you!

TV Max costs $249.95 and is available now.  Click Here to visit the official Site

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2 thoughts on “Migila offers up Mac DVR with Tivo-like TV Max

  1. Just one question, why is everyone that sells Tivo-like equipment make it sounds as if they were the first and only company to do so?
    Now you can pause in the middle of the game, and so on…

    Why not market it as the best way to record? the simplest setup?

  2. Henrik –

    That’s a good question. It does seem like every company that comes out with a DVR product acts like DVR never existed before they issued a press release.

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