The Toilet Test: The iPhone 6 Plus Versus the Galaxy Note 4

the iphone 6 plus versus the galaxy note 4

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Stress tests – serious or not – are always fun. Whether it’s focused on just one phone or it’s a comparison between different units, there is something about these tests that relieve us of our stress – even if momentarily.

Now, if it’s an iPhone and a Samsung phone pitted against each other, we know that’s going to be more fun. Unless the iPhone gets beaten miserably. 😉

The guys at WIRED did exactly that. In a Battle Damage video, they show us the iPhone 6 Plus versus the Galaxy Note 4. AND a toilet.

the iphone 6 plus versus the galaxy note 4

As they say, “You’re either #TeamiPhone or #TeamGalaxy but at the end of the day only one of the devices can be named the toughest.”

We definitely know what team we’re on, but how will the iPhone 6 Plus fare against a toilet? Care to guess?

We won’t ruin it for you, but we’ll definitely NOT say the iPhone 6 Plus is crap.

Here’s the battle in its full glory.

So what do you think?

Samsung Does It Again: Makes Fun of iPhone 6 Plus

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One thought on “The Toilet Test: The iPhone 6 Plus Versus the Galaxy Note 4

  1. In the video, one of the commentators call the iPhone 6 Plus a “rip-off” of the Galaxy Note 4.

    Only someone who believes that Apple has perfected time-travel would say that…

    The Galaxy Note 4 went on sale in October/November 2014… But the iPhone 6 Plus went on sale on September 19, 2014 (weeks BEFORE the Samsung Note 4!).

    So who is ripping-off whom??? (Hello, Samsung!?!)

    (?° ??°)

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