Podcaster released for iPhone as “RSS Player”

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Everyone remember the big stink about “Podcaster” not being allowed in the iTunes App Store?

Yeah…me too.

Anyway, apparently Apple had a problem with the name “Podcaster” as well as the fact that it was “duplicating functionality” that Apple wanted to put into iTunes, because it is finally in the App Store under the name “RSS Player”.

The App is Free for 24 hours – after that it will cost you $1.99 $4.99. Although why you would pay $1.99 $4.99 for the App when iTunes already downloads podcasts for free is beyond me….but if that’s what you’re into…go for it.

You can get it right here.

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8 thoughts on “Podcaster released for iPhone as “RSS Player”

  1. Showing to be $4.99 now. 🙁

    I would get it for free, but no way I am paying for it, because like you said, Apple does it for free with iTunes.

  2. Strange, the App Store on the iPhone says that it is free (but it won’t let me download it because it is currently being modified) and the iTunes store shows it for $4.99. I’m not willing to pay five bucks for a podcast app but I do wish iTunes on the phone would let me subscribe to a podcast and tell me when new podcasts are available.

  3. I have just looked that the Rss player and it cost 4.99 on app store I read on your site that is free for 24 hours ? why is 4.99 instead free ?

  4. It was free all Feb 2nd and he notified all podcaster owners to get it then and I did. Delay for posting of this article was the reason for not getting it in that window.

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