Minor iPhone Tweaks revealed in latest mailing

MacNN has a report about some new minor buttons that have begun appearing in iPhone related mailings that include the animated Gif below.

You can read the full article on MacNN right here.


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  1. seriously… i can’t wait for the iphone to finally be released so we can finally get rid of the hype and “news” like this one.

    to quote a macnn user who put my feelings in a nutshell:

    This is incredible! The smallest thing like a minor symbol on an iPhone email (which, as it turns out, was misidentified anyway) is cause for a “news” article??? What’s next? “If you look closely on slide number 18, you’ll notice that the font looks to be 11 point, not 12. The reason for this change is unclear at this time, but it does appear to be a move to a different font size. Stay tuned to Electronista for further developments!