Marimba Gets the Heavy Metal Treatment

marimba heavy metal version

I don’t remember a time when I liked the classic iPhone ringtone Marimba, although I have gotten so used to it – just like everyone else using an iPhone – that sometimes, I think it’s still my phone’s ringtone.

Don’t remember it? Here you go.

Iconic it may be, it has gotten rather flat. Especially if you’ve gone through several iterations of the iPhone. The chances are that you immediately change the ringtone to something else. (Old Phone? Hah!)

But, when you hear this new rendition of Marimba, you just might change your mind.

YouTuber ToxicxEternity has created a heavy metal Marimba version, and it’s pretty bada$$, too.

His introduction was meant to be an April Fool’s joke: “Since day 1 on YouTube I’ve been getting slammed by viewers to do a medley of iPhone ringtones. I was holding off because it is simply too difficult to figure out these low-fidelity MIDI sequences that are about 10 seconds long each.

But the result turned out NOT to be a joke. Listen to the heavy metal Marimba version and see (hear?) the ringtone in a totally different light. You might even have fun.

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