iPhone OS 4.0 Has More Surprises In Store. SPOILER: No Cupcakes in the OS. Sigh.

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iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 was released to developers the other day, and Boy Genius Report uncovered some cool little secrets about the operating system. So what do we have in store?

Pictured above at the widgets for the iPod. If you look to the left in that little bar you’ll notice a symbol that looks just like the screen rotation lock available on the iPads. Guess what – it is. It’s a software version of the popular iPad hardware switch, and it’s something I’m really looking forward to. I never realized how much I needed that thing until I got the iPad, and now I use my iPhone and start getting irritated at the missing function. So how do you get to this mystical switch? Swipe to the left and it opens up.

Next, another carryover from the iPad, File Sharing. Just like on Apple’s tablet, you can use iTunes to swap files back and forth between your desktop and iPhone. It’s setup the same way as well, with an “Apps” page showing up in iTunes that you can simply drag and drop files to. I’m not sure quite yet what programs will use this option, but I’m sure developers will figure out a way.

Finally, closing apps in the multitasking bar. When I first heard about the process for closing apps it sounded like a nightmare: Hold onto each icon individually until it came up with a delete symbol, then click on the icon. If you wanted to close 5 apps that would take some time, so Apple decided to clean it up. Hold onto any icon in the multitasking bar and they all come up with a delete symbol. This way you can just tap and go on each item as you wish. Pretty sweet.

There’s more to come with the iPhone OS, and it just keeps getting better. I imagine this will be out in time for the WWDC in June, and I can’t wait.

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