iPhone Line starts at Regent Street Apple Store


It begins…

A small line has formed at Regent Street Apple store in London. On Friday, at 6:02 pm, those patient few will finally be able to legally get their hands on an iPhone. It’s been a long time coming, and I’m sure there are some pretty excited UK Apple fans out there today.

If you’re a fan in that area and thinking of waiting in line – I say go for it. Sure, you don’t really need to. Apple isn’t going to run out of iPhones…but waiting in line with other Apple fans is a great experience. Waiting in line is a great part of fandom – especially when you have a group of users as passionate as Apple fans.

If any of you are out there standing in line, or thinking of going, send us pics of the line and I’ll be glad to post them. Just email me at michael (at) applegazette (dot) comd.



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