The dramatic weight-loss of Steve Jobs

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My pal over at Macenstein posted a look at Steve Jobs, comparing an image from the Macworld 2008 Keynote to the WWDC 2008 Keynote. It shows a dramatic weight-loss on Steve’s part, and it certainly calls into question his health.

but to really drive the point home, I went back to WWDC 2007 and grabbed a screenshot so you could see how dramatic the weight-loss is over a year. It’s pretty serious.

Some of the comments suggested that the weight-loss isn’t that dramatic, and I couldn’t disagree more,

In 2007 Steve Jobs looked healthy, but this year…this year he looks sick. I hope its just a “virus” like Apple has officially stated, but we all know that Jobs hid his cancer for 9 months. Hopefully he’s not hiding his health problems again.

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10 thoughts on “The dramatic weight-loss of Steve Jobs

  1. This doesn’t look good.
    My grandfather had weight-loss like this when he had bowel cancer.
    I hope it is just a virus, but it looks pretty severe to me.

    Hope he returns to full health soon

  2. That what happens when you work 16 hours a day, don’t eat, and don’t sleep. Getting the iPhone3G ready for launch over the past month or two has probably been pretty crazy.

  3. I don’t think its as grim as your making it out. Keep in mind its been a year since the last one. Its not like the weight dropped overnight. Also worth noting if you have a bad flu virus which I had back in the winter, I didn’t feel like eating for weeks, and months after it was very little. Not eating much for weeks or months will definitely leave you thinner and looking more frail.

    But I will agree as soon as I saw him walk out on the stage I noticed he was thinner and looked very weak. Reminded me of Bill Gates. I’d be more concerned if he is still this weak looking and skinny come September when he will announce the new MacBooks and iPods. But until then I wouldn’t join the rumor mill about his impending demise. A good flu can leave even the strongest down. I do believe I spent the majority of the first week being sick in the fetal position on my couch staring at the wall.

  4. @Joe Henson

    My grandfather looked exactly the same way – that’s what has me concerned.


    Cancer is pretty grim. I’m not saying he’s dying. I’m saying he looks sick.

  5. Here goes:
    “Er habe sich einen gewöhnlichen Virus eingefangen, was aber nicht nur ihm, sondern auch vielen anderen Bürgern so ging. Aus diesem Grund musste er sich auch medikamentöser Behandlung unterziehen. Jobs habe sich aber wieder ausreichend fit gefühlt, die Keynote zu halten.”

    “Apple published an official statement to his state of health. Jobs is indeed a little bit off-color. He has caught an ordinary virus just like many others. Because of this he had to undergo a drug-treatment. Jobs felt fit enough again to present the keynote.”

  6. I am a doctor. I watched the keynote.

    Between his weak and feeble voice, his lack of energy, his very noticeable weight loss and his history I am deeply concerned about his health. I noticed it, commented about it before and I am not happy.

    I pray he is okay but he won’t be able to hide it any longer if it was serious. He has to declare it.

    My god be with you Steve.

  7. I am a former pro cyclist and at first glance thought “Good job, Steve. You’ve been putting some miles in” and got lean. On closer look, however, there is quite a bit of lean muscle loss around in his hips,glutes, sholders, etc. and not any new vascularity visible as you would expect for someone who has improved their fitness this much. Let’s hope for the best…

  8. I agree – Steve does NOT look well – Im sure Apple are keeping his condition under wraps because of the AAPL shareprice. Let’s all hope Steve will recover 🙂 He has sooooo much more to offer!

  9. In Steve’s case Anndrei it’s not about the money at all. He’s been paid one dollar a year salary since he returned to Apple in 1997. He’s one of the 50 richest people in the world yet lives in a modest house in a normal suburb. That isn’t the lifestyle of someone who’s life is “all about the money” although I share your sentiment that he should look after his health first and work should come second

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