Hate a Dirty iPhone Camera? Get an EyePatch Case!

eyepatch case

eyepatch case

How often do you clean your iPhone? I’m a stickler for clean gadgets, so all my devices get a “sponge bath” once a week. If you’re like me, then the cameras on the iPhone is one detail you pay attention to. The last thing you want is a smudged camera that takes just-as-smudged photos.

You can, of course, simply clean your front and back cameras with a micro fiber cloth, but what if you had an iPhone case that not only protects your phone but also wipes your cameras clean?

That’s what the EyePatch Case is for.

The EyePatch Case is unique in that it has an EyePatch Switch, which can be place on top of your phone. It covers both cameras – front and back – when not in use, and a simple sliding gesture exposes the cameras when you’re ready to take a photo.

It also has a built-in micro fiber cloth that makes sure the cameras are clean all the time.

In addition to this simple fix, the makers of the EyePatch Case are quick to highlight the capability of their product to provide you additional security. Remember all the fuss about the NSA being able to access your iPhone, including the mic and camera?

With the EyePatch Case covering your camera when you’re not using it, you’ve got your back covered. Watch the promotional video below for more info.

A crowdfunded product, the EyePatch Case is now available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6. Prices are $19.99 – original at $24.99 – as of this writing. You can buy (or pre-order for items not yet available) here.

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  1. Tried to play the video– nothing happens! Well, save a caption that begins with “Error: Protect Your Privacy…”

    Are MP4s incompatible with Safari?

    1. That’s weird because it plays without any problems (Chrome and Safari). Perhaps you can try again, and if you still have issues you can see the video on YouTube or the product website.

      Thanks for dropping by!