Free iPhone Software Only Unlock Now Available


Gizmodo is hosting iUnlock, a free, open source application that makes it possible to unlock your iPhone using only software, so that it will work with any compatible carrier.

For our non-US readers, I would still like to advise caution. Gizmodo will have a full tutorial on how to do this soon, but there is still a risk involved here. Nothing says Apple isn’t going to release a software update that prevents this from working down the road. I’d hate for you to drop $399 on an 8 gb iPhone, only to have it essentially be a brick after the new software update.

Still, those of you that just can’t wait, and are willing to take the risk, your options are now wide open.

image via iOxenford



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  1. i useing i phone and just updated the software and it shows only emergency calls
    so what i have to do now