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Complete List of 3D Cities in Apple Maps

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3d cities apple maps
San Francisco, California

Since Apple isn’t publishing a list of all the 3D cities in its snazzy “Flyover” mode in Apple Maps, we’ve compiled the most complete list available — more than 60 3D cities in all.

Apple has quite a few more 3D cities in the current version of Maps than the meager handful that were available during the beta period. Digging around the app (and the ‘Net), here are all of the 3D cities we’ve been able to find. If you find any new cities or suburbs not on this list, please let us know in the Comments area.

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney
  • Calgary, AB
  • Markham, ON
  • Mississauga, ON
  • Montreal, QC
    • Laval
  • Surrey, BC
  • Toronto, ON
    • Brampton
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Vaughan, ON
  • Copenhagen
  • Roskilde
  • Bordeaux
  • Lyon
  • Paris
  • Saint-Étienne NEW
  • Berlin
  • Cologne
  • Munich
  • Dublin
  • Milan
  • Rome (including Vatican City)
New Zealand
  • Auckland
  • Christchurch
  • Alicante
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • Linkoping
  • Stockholm
United Kingdom
  • Birmingham, England
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Leeds, England NEW
  • London, England
    • Camberwell
    • Camden Town
    • Greenwich
    • Hackney
    • Islington
    • Lambeth
    • Poplar
    • Stratford
  • Manchester, England
  • Wolverhampton, England
United States
  • Albany, NY
    • Colonie
    • Delmar
    • Glenmont
    • Latham
    • Rensselaer
    • Troy
    • Watervliet
  • Arlington, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
    • Decatur
  • Austin, TX
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Boston, MA
    • Arlington
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Fresno, CA
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Houston, TX
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Keystone, SD (includes Mount Rushmore & surrounding area)
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA
    • Anaheim
    • Beverly Hills
    • Burbank
    • Chino
    • Claremont
    • Corona
    • Costa Mesa
    • El Segundo
    • Glendale
    • Long Beach
    • Malibu
    • Marina del Rey
    • Mission Viejo
    • Montclair
    • Moreno Valley
    • Newport Beach
    • Ontario
    • Pasadena
    • Playa del Rey
    • Pomona
    • Rancho Cucamonga
    • Rancho Palos Verdes
    • Riverside
    • San Bernardino
    • San Dimas
    • San Pedro
    • Santa Ana
    • Santa Monica
    • Torrance
    • Venice
  • Memphis, TN
  • Miami, FL
    • Miami Beach
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Modesto, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • New Orleans, LA
  • New York City, NY
    • Brooklyn
    • Bronx
    • Coney Island
    • Hoboken
    • Jersey City
    • Manhattan
    • Queens
    • Union City
  • Oakland, CA
    • Alameda
    • Emeryville
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Portland, ME
  • Portland, OR
  • Providence, RI
  • Sacramento, CA
    • Antelope
    • Carmichael
    • Fair Oaks
    • McClellan
    • North Highlandsd
    • Rancho Cordova
  • Saint Paul, MN
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Diego, CA
    • Bonita
    • Chula Vista
    • Coronado
    • Imperial Beach
    • La Jolla
    • La Mesa
    • Lemon Grove
    • National City
    • San Ysidro
  • San Francisco, CA
    • Brisbane
    • Palo Alto
    • Stanford
  • San Jose, CA
    • Cupertino
    • Santa Clara
    • Sunnyvale
  • Schenectady, NY
    • Alplaus
    • Rexford
    • Scotia
  • Seattle, WA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Tulsa, OK
3d cities apple maps
Rome, Italy
3d cities apple maps
Opera House
Sydney, Australia
3d cities apple maps
Luxor Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
3d cities apple maps
London Eye
London, United Kingdom
3d cities apple maps
Apple Headquarters
Cupertino, California
3d cities apple maps
Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, California

3d cities apple maps
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

Also worth mentioning: since the app has fairly accurate terrain mapping, you can see a good 3D map of the Grand Canyon in Apple’s Maps, along with other natural landmarks like Niagara Falls. Hoover Dam is also available in full 3D, including all of its structural details.

Last updated November 20, 2013.

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173 thoughts on “Complete List of 3D Cities in Apple Maps

    1. Ack! I swear I checked Dublin. I know I did. But I just checked, and you’re right. It’s definitely got 3D. I must be losing my mind.

  1. Also Mountain View, CA (near Cupertino) and Stockholm, Sweden. Stockholm would be included because C3, the 3D mapping company that Apple bought was from Sweden. By my calculation, that’s 46 cities (if Beverly Hills, Hollywood & Santa Monica are counted separately). BTW, Dublin is in Ireland – Northern Ireland is part of the UK, but Ireland is independent.

    1. Is Mountain View considered a suburb of San Francisco? I was trying not to include every suburb of the major cities (especially those in California — there are zillions of them!). Cupertino may even qualify, but I figured that one was worth special recognition, for obvious reasons. 😉

      Right you are about Ireland. I should have remembered that. Will add Stockholm right away.

  2. No one forgot about Dublin- they just put it under the uk cities. Stick to technology as geography or even basic general knowledge is not your strong point!

  3. I remember when my house was in 3D… It was when iOS 6 only were for developers! It was so cool, almost the whole world was in 3D! But then iOS 6 was released for everyone, and almost every 3D locations disappeared, except capitals..

    1. Not true. Both cities have areas that are clearly shown in full 3D.

      To be fair, it’s not the whole city in either case. Only a part of them. In both, the 3D areas appear to be their central-most parts.

  4. It’s too bad you’re not tracking the improvements to cities. A week ago only a segment of NYC was 3D. Now most of the city is 3D.

    1. I’d love to track the city improvements & additions, and have already updated the list a few times as I’ve found out about new ones. But I don’t know of any definitive method of monitoring this stuff other than regularly checking each and every major city in the world in Apple Maps. And that’s not something I can spare the time for.

  5. Thank you for the list. Please keep updating it. Hope 3d view will covered all the world in the nearest future 😉

  6. The Denver area just expanded by a large amount the other day. Now the entire city and county of Denver is in 3D along with several suburbs and all the way northwest through Boulder. Don’t know if any other city has been added or expanded. Would be nice to know when and where they update.

  7. Don’t forget Oslo in Norway.It also has 3D view.Too bad Apple didn’t added Asian cities like Tokyo and Hong Kong.

    1. I don’t see anything 3D in Oslo. I’ve looked around the entire city. Am I missing something?

  8. Since some new cities have finally surfaced, I did some looking and have also found coverage for:

    Green Bay
    Minneapolis/St Paul

    There is a huge amount of expanded coverage for Boston, Chicago, Houston and Portland as well.

  9. Thanks, Jay. You’re the man. I turned up some new ones, too. I think I’m going to have to re-do this page with all the Bay Area suburbs and cities accounted for separately. It’s all getting kinda complicated as more of that area goes 3D.

  10. I can’t believe they took Minneapolis and St. Paul off. I live in the Twin Cities and was having a lot of fun with flyover. Anyone have any thoughts as to why they took Minneapolis off? I love that they had Included Green Bay Wisconsin Wisconsin because I grew up near there. Love seeing Lambeau Field rendered so beautifully.

  11. Saint Paul, MN is now gone as well. Why were Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN disabled? They were only up for a week and they’re gone now!

    1. Linköping have been there for months, it is just that no one noticed it. Why Linköping? Well it is because they have a big university there, almost as big as Standford’s

    2. I’m sure there’s a reason they keep taking the Flyover cities down. It could be maintenance related (as in, updating a city with new data/images) or maybe it happens automatically when usage of the Maps app spikes?

  12. I think that San Diego was broaden up because it includes neighbour cities such as Chula Vista, Spring Valley and town Jamul

  13. You should include that Copenhagen coverage is so broad that it includes also a Roskilde which is whooping 20 km apart.

    1. Birmingham is already on the master list. 🙂

      Thanks for the new finds, guys. I’m checking around for others and will update the list shortly.

  14. Apple are updating Flyover coverage in pretty fast pace. Even Google isn’t that fast while they aimed to have 3D coverage for metropolitan areas with a combined population of 300 million people… for last year.
    Google so far:

    Cities that I would like to see covered in the near future:
    Paris (Yes, I would like to see Eiffel tower =D )
    Athens (2000+ year old buildings)
    Monaco (Rich people houses)
    Moscow (Putin’s Palace lol and nice St. Basil’s Cathedral)
    Venice ( ‘Floating city’ )
    Dubai (Yes, the tallest building)
    And some cities in Asia, just because I feel bad that they don’t have any lol

    1. Surprised they don’t have Paris yet, maybe some problems with it,

      I’d also like to see some Asian cities, Singapore or Tokyo etc,
      Maybe another UK city, Liverpool/Sheffield/Leeds etc

      Maybe Cape Town as the first African city

    2. Paris has the largest urban zone by population (11.5M) after London (12M) in European Union. And they haven’t covered London fully, just the central area where all attractions are. While they actually have covered all of the (and some of their neighbour towns) Berlin (5M), Copenhagen (1.8M), Stockholm (1.9M), Cologne (1.9M) and some other I was lazy to check.

      It seems that there aren’t that many updates, but they are also expanding big cities which is better than releasing a city with a coverage same as Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. Their coverage is pathetic, in my opinion it is just cheating just to add extra number of cities to the list, that is why I am sceptic to the number of cities, because number doesn’t show how big the coverage really is.

      I think that this summer on their WWDC they will announce how much area they covered in sq km and how much coverage by population (which in my opinion matters more) in Flyover. Don’t forget that Google aimed to cover 300M people in their Google Earth in the end of last year, in which I don’t think they succeed, while announcing it first before Apple.

  15. Add Markham, Vaughan, Brampton and Mississauga to Canada list. Since Toronto Expanded a lot (as mentioned before).

    Or you can add them to Toronto, since they are extension to Toronto’s population centre (or metropolitan area of Toronto) , but not within cities municipal boundaries. But if you defy list that way, then you will have to put Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana and others in to Los Angeles.

    Oh and don’t forget Surrey, Canada.

    1. It would have been much creepier if they’d left it out when the rest of the area was done.

      Some might think its creepy that you discovered that its done. What were you hoping for?

  16. Damn. Google Earth get a major 3D city update. They have now New York, Miami… But they look awful compared to iOS Maps. The only thing that looks better there is bridges.
    If Apple won’t cover the Washington or Paris before Google does, I would be a bit disappointed.

  17. More than month without update. Now we know on what huge thing they were working on =)
    Bonjour Paris!

  18. Interestingly it seems as if they’re trying out a new technique to stop melting trees.
    Look around the arc du triomph or palace of Versailles and you will see trees that are undercut, sometimes looking like floating blobs but better than before

    1. Similarly, buildings with columns just in front of the face of the building are modelled with clear space behind the columns and a flat face to the building behind. Again examples around Versailles.

    2. And flying buttresses truly fly.

      These topological improvements are a brilliant upgrade to an already superb facility.

      They’ve done some of this on a small scale on large items for a while (Hoover Dam bridge, Tower Bridge London… ). But here we see it rolling out in much finer grained situations.

    3. Cable gantries over railway tracks are also flying, no longer a solid plane going down to the ground.

  19. The LA area had been taken down for the last couple weeks. It’s back up and running and with what people have been observing in the update, I noticed most of the planes at LAX have proper tails for the most part now.

    1. Is Roskilde considered a suburb of Copenhagen? Because the 3D part of Copenhagen is HUGE, encompassing an enormous area with what looks like several suburbs. Roskilde is on the outer edge of that, so I can’t quite tell if it’s a separate city or a sub of Copenhagen.

    2. I’d add Roskilde, it’s quite big and considered a city in its own right, or add it as a suburb

    1. Several of those are already listed under LA’s suburbs, but I’ll add the rest. Thanks!

  20. The area around Disneyland in Los Angeles looks ugly, it looks like it is melting, just like Google’s. I think that they were testing new algorithms in those new areas, you can see big difference. In Moreno Valley it is overdetailed and things look a bit sharp

    On Google side – it seems like they updated their camera, which gives more colorful 3D, check Lawrence in Kansas.

    1. Go to south pole and zoom in until you’ll see flyover mode. It may be not in the middle, but it works at the edge of ‘purple circle’

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