Blogging from the iPhone

The family and I moved into a new house this weekend. We managed to get a great deal on a new place just a few houses down from our previous place, and we’ve been able to make the leap from renting to buying.

It’s been a busy weekend, and in the mess of it all, I managed to forget to call the cable company until the last minute. As a result, I found myself without Internet until sometime this afternoon.

If I didn’t have to sit here and wait for this “All Day Appointment” I’d just go to a Starbucks or something and work from there…but until he gets here I’m stuck.

This seemed like a good opportunity to give mobile blogging a fair shot. I am writing this on it iPhone (so please forgive any bizarre spelling errors or strange words).

I first downloaded WordPress for iPhone, thinking that would be my best bet. After I wrote my first post and discovered there was no “Save” button, though – that quickly went out the window. Turns out there must
Be a bug in WordPress for iPhone because 4 out of the 5 times I opened it the “Save” button did not appear…rendering the app completely useless.

Hopefully they will fix that at some point. There are only two other blogging Apps I could find by searching for “blog” in the App Store. One is called iBlog and the other is BlogWriter.

Neither have spectacular reviews.

I am currently writing in the Lite version of BlogWriter to make sure it is fully compatibile with Apple Gazette, but I have to say there is very little in this Lite App that makes me want to drop $4.99 on it’s full version brother.

So my question to you is…am I missing anything? Is there an App for blogging on the iPhone that I don’t know about? If so – leave the info in the comments below.



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  1. WordPress has worked fine for me the few times I’ve used it. The Save button appears every time I open it, though. However, I don’t like that you can’t choose where the uploaded picture shows up in the post (it’s at the bottom by default).