Adobe confirms they are bringing Flash to the iPhone

The Wallstreet Journal reports that Adobe’s Chief Executive Shantanu Narayen has confirmed that the company will be bringing Flash to the iPhone.

“We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone,” Narayen said. “We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves.”

While politics have often been blamed for the lack of Flash on the iPhone, Steve Jobs has clearly stated the reasons for the lack of Flash on the device. In an interview just a few short weeks ago, Jobs stated that Flash Lite wasn’t powerful enough, and that the desktop plugin for Flash wouldn’t run well on the iPhone. Something in the middle was needed. Now it looks like Adobe will be providing that something.

There is no estimated time of release yet announced.



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  1. Don’t hold your breath. Knowing Adobe, it’ll be a year before we see anything. By then, flash will be obsolete.

  2. well, Adobe ahs done alot of things this week.. MS has bought the rights to adobe flash light so that flash support can be brought to any windows mobile platform (I dunno why MS did this since they also have their own version of flash which is “Silverlight”). Now iPhone will have flash support yehey for those you wants to view Youtube on an iPhone.

  3. @eberlin

    agreed. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I would imagine that all other Safari plugins will follow the model that Adobe follows here.

  4. Great, now I will be bombarded with more useless ads. Flash stinks for anything meaningful except a few games.

  5. Nice idea. After all I could listen to Apple gazette
    podcast by clicking right in the icon.
    No more staring at that blue lego brick …