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With the recent(ish) release of the AirTag, people thought of several ways of using it to suit their needs. However, one of the caveats of the AirTag is that it doesn’t have its own case or accessories. That means that you’ll have to buy those separately depending on the purpose you’re buying them for. Here are some AirTag accessories you can check out.

Useful AirTag Accessories

AirTag Dog Collar Holder

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One of the most common uses of the AirTag is for your pets. No more wondering where they are around the house. This AirTag Dog Collar Holder comes in only black and white. It’s designed to be comfortable when worn by your pets. This holder is also impact-resistant and made with eco-friendly materials.

MULINSEN Pet Loop Holder

If you want more colors, this Pet Loop Holder comes in 13 colors! You can choose whichever you think matches your dog’s personality. It’s made with eco-friendly silicone so you can wash it when it’s dirty. You can use it with collars with a diameter of between 0.8 inch and 1 inch.

Eusty Protective Leather Case

airtags accessories

As for humans, this Eusty Protective Leather Case is a classy-looking keychain for your AirTag. You can hang it on your briefcase or laptop bag so you’ll never lose your things. It can also be used as a key ring for your car keys. Suitable for daily use, it comes in solid colors.

DDJ Clear Protective Case

Something a little more simple is this clear protective case from DDJ. It has a cute style and comes in light colors. This case also protects your AirTag from scratches and shocks. It’s inconspicuous and would be almost unnoticeable if you hang it on your kids’ school bags.

CYRILL Shine AirTag Case

Make it a little more fun and try a similar look but with glitter on it. This Shine AirTag Case adds a little bit of sparkle to an otherwise boring item. It has a slim design too, so there’s no additional bulk if you place it inside your purse. This case includes a key ring so you can also use it for your keys or your bags.

LiZHi Silicone Case for Airtag Sticker

Not all AirTags have to be hung from somewhere. If you stick it to a certain item, this silicone case would do. It’s designed to be simple but elegant. Plus, this cover is made with comfortable soft liquid silicone so it won’t scratch any of your belongings. You can even put it inside your wallet if you want to.

Spigen Silicone Fit

Another case with an adhesive is the Spigen Silicone Fit. Each pack comes with two pieces that include two adhesives as well. They’re extremely easy to use and apply. Once you remove them from the item, they won’t leave sticky residue behind. 

Migeec Soft Silicone Case

The Migeec Soft Silicone Case is a skin-friendly accessory for your AirTags. It can fully protect your device from scratches while not being too bulky. The AirTag can perfectly fit right into this case. Aside from a keychain, it also comes with a wrist strap.

Arae Full Protection AirTag Case

For a darker look, this version from Arae is a great option. It’s also made with soft silicone and is extremely lightweight. This case has a slim fit design so your AirTag looks and feels light. Apart from scratches, this case can also protect your AirTag from drops and falls.

ZoneFoker Full Body Coverage Case

If dark is not enough and you want something a little more rugged, this Full Body Coverage Case is the one to beat. Despite its ruggedness, this one actually comes in several colors, including bright ones. You can still see the face of your AirTag, but it’s actually protected from extreme heat and heavy rain thanks to this case.

Diaomao Punk Style AirTag Holder

For that full rugged coverage and look, this Punk Style AirTag Holder delivers it best. Even though it looks solid, this case is actually made with soft TPU materials. Nonetheless, it’s ensured to be durable and can protect your AirTag from physical damages. 

Benazcap Portable Case

On the other hand, if you want bright, solid colors, the Benazcap Portable Case comes in 5 shades. It’s sweat-proof and scratch-proof. Plus, you can wash it whenever it gets dirty and the color won’t wash off. It also has precise cut-outs so you can still see the Apple logo of the AirTag.

Rilixuy Flower Graphics Case

If you like flowery designs, you’re in for a treat with the Rilixuy Flower Graphics Case. Made of TPU material, this case comes with several floral designs. Despite looking delicate, this cover is actually effective in protecting your AirTag from damages caused by external factors. It’s beautiful and effective, too.

GVIEWIN Marble AirTag Holder

For a more refined look, you can’t go wrong with this Marble AirTag Holder. It comes in the Emerald shade and looks solid but elegant. The lightweight holder is made of soft leather. This case has a commanding look to it and you can attach it to your purse, whether it’s for a party or for a business meeting.

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