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The Best Bags for Your Apple Gear

Apple gear

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Are you still putting your MacBook in that ratty old backpack from high school or college? Dump it! It’s time to up your bag game and carry your Apple gear in style! It’s tough to find a bag that’s just as cool as a shiny new MacBook, but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled this list of some of the coolest and most functional bags on the market. From backpacks to messenger bags and slings, whatever your style, there’s something here for everyone. Take a look at the great selection below and let us know which bag you carry in the comments below!

Jansport Right Pack Digital Edition Backpack

Let’s kick off this list with an absolute classic: Jansport. The Right Pack has been all over college campuses for decades, but the Right Pack Digital Edition Backpack adds a bit more to this timeless classic backpack. This Jansport features a 15-inch laptop sleeve as well as a lined tablet sleeve, making it a great option for hauling around all your Apple gear, from specific pockets for your MacBook and your iPad to a spacious front pocket for your Magic Mouse.

Apple gear

This Jansport is available in four colors on the Jansport website: Black Onyx, Midnight Sky Diamond Ripstop, Burnt Henna Ballistic Nylon and Heathered Grey.

Patagonia Stormfront Sling 20L

This sling definitely isn’t for everybody, so it probably doesn’t appeal to many of you, but if your job requires you to be outdoors and in the elements and you want to carry your iPad Mini or iPhone in an absolutely waterproof sling, this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Apple gear

This Patagonia sling is small, but it’s incredibly versatile. If you keep what you carry to a minimum, this bag is an easy choice. Just throw it over one shoulder and you’re on the way, and you don’t have to worry about what kind of weather you’re getting into. This sling is designed to be incredibly comfortable on your shoulder for long periods of time, so you can forget about getting a shoulder ache after wearing this bag for a few minutes.

Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus

The Brenthaven Collins Sleeve Plus is, as the name would indicate, little more than just a laptop sleeve with a strap. It’s incredibly minimalist design is sleek and will fit a 15-inch MacBook in its protected sleeve and an iPad in its interior tablet sleeve. There’s also a zippered compartment on the exterior of the sleeve for your iPhone.

Apple Gear

While the main compartment is open, you won’t want to put much else (other than your MacBook and iPad) in this bag. Papers and folders fit rather easily, but if you add anything else, the bag begins to look al little misshapen. This isn’t exactly disappointing — you’re buying a sleeve after all — but you should be aware of it before you run out and purchase it.

The sleeve is available in Charcoal and Indigo and is made from vegan leather. Additionally, Brenthaven has a 100% lifetime guarantee on the bag.

Chrome Kadet Sling Messenger Bag

With the Chrome Kadet Sling Messenger Bag, we get another little bag for your everyday-carry needs, but this Chrome messenger is a little bigger than the Patagonia sling that made our list. While it’s not going to hold everything in your apartment, this sling messenger bag will haul your essentials. This bag is more than big enough to easily carry your iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard as well as a number of other small items that you might need throughout your day.

Apple gear

Chrome has always been one of the more popular brands for cyclists because the brand’s bags are comfortable to wear and incredibly durable. This Chrome bag is made of military-grade materials, so you know it’s tough. It’s designed to wear across your chest, but you could hang it from one shoulder if you want. It’s designed with a quick release seatbelt buckle, a cool little feature for this cool little bag.

If you need a bag that’s just a bit bigger, Chrome has great full-sized messenger bags (like the Rubberized Citizen) that can carry all your Apple gear at once.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

If you talk to people who love messenger bags, you’re either a Timbuk2 person or a Chrome person, so let me begin by saying that it’s totally unfair to compare Timbuk2’s Classic Messenger to Chrome’s Kadet Sling. They’re both awesome bags and have specialized purposes, and if you compare similar sized bags from each brand, you can come to your own decision about which is best. Personally, I really like Timbuk2’s size, structure and style.

Apple gear

The Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag comes in your choice of four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large. (Over the years I’ve collected a Classic Messenger in each of these sizes and have found the medium to be the most comfortable and versatile size.)  Each size of the Classic Messenger has a sleeve that separates the main compartment from where you would put your MacBook or iPad. If you travel with your MacBook a lot, anything about the extra small will be a great fit for you. The extra small size is too small to carry MacBooks, but it’s great for your iPad and Bluetooth keyboard and a few other small items.

Timbuk2 really shines in its huge color selection as well as the customizability of its line. You can make these bags exactly what you want, and no matter what color or fabric you choose, you’ll know that your Apple gear is safe and secure inside your Timbuk2. Timbuk2 bags also come with a lifetime guarantee.

Which bag is your go-to pack for hauling around your Apple gear? Which one of these bags do you like best? Let us know in the comments below.

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