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iOS 7 Screenshots Gallery

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You know you want it. iOS 7 will be here this Fall, and we can’t wait to see how it’s going to change our iPhones and iPads. While we wait, here’s an extensive gallery of iOS 7 screenshots to tide you over.

Click on any image for a larger version. And remember, these are images of the iOS 7 beta. So everything here is subject to change.

Home Screen

Folder view is seen on the right. It now features horizontal scrolling, so you’re no longer limited to a handful of apps per folder. Also note how it displays only three columns of apps instead of four like the Home screen. This is another subtle touch to reinforce the “layered panes” design philosophy of iOS 7 — the three columns make Folders feel like they’re closer to you than the Home Screen.

iOS 7 screenshots homeiOS 7 screenshots folders

Lock Screen

The new Lost Phone mode is seen in the last two images.

iOS 7 screenshots lock screeniOS 7 screenshots lock screen lost modeiOS 7 screenshots activation


Notifications now has three viewing modes: Today, All, and Missed.

iOS 7 screenshots notifications todayiOS 7 screenshots notifications alliOS 7 screenshots notifications missed

Control Center

Control Center is activated by swiping up from the bottom of any screen.

iOS 7 screenshots control center


Multitasking now features active thumbnails of every open app, not just icons.

iOS 7 screenshots multitaskingiOS 7 screenshots multitasking


In addition to the new look, Siri is getting two new voices you can choose from — a female and a male.

iOS 7 screenshots siriiOS 7 screenshots siriiOS 7 screenshots siriiOS 7 screenshots siriiOS 7 screenshots siri


Pretty girl with perfect hair, skin, and teeth not included.

iOS 7 screenshots phone


On the right, you can see the new FaceTime Audio mode, which lets you make audio calls (just like the Phone app) using Apple’s FaceTime service. In other words, it’s FaceTime calls without the video.

iOS 7 screenshots facetimeiOS 7 screenshots facetime audio


iOS 7 screenshots clock


The camera now has four basic modes: Photo, Square, Panorama, and Video. There are also Filters, which combined with the Square camera mode create a pretty obvious copy of Instagram.

iOS 7 screenshots camera photoiOS 7 screenshots camera squareiOS 7 screenshots camera panoramaiOS 7 screenshots camera videoiOS 7 screenshots camera videoiOS 7 screenshots camera filters


Lots of new thumbnail views in the Photo Gallery, along with a whole new way of sorting and organizing photos, which is done automatically, separating pics into “moments.” Photo Streams can be shared and added to by an entire group now, too.

iOS 7 screenshots photo galleryiOS 7 screenshots photo galleryiOS 7 screenshots photo galleryiOS 7 screenshots photo galleryiOS 7 screenshots photo streamsiOS 7 screenshots photo streams


The first screenshot here includes a good look at the new keyboard.

iOS 7 screenshots messagesiOS 7 screenshots messages


iOS 7 screenshots mail emailiOS 7 screenshots mail email inboxiOS 7 screenshots mail emailiOS 7 screenshots mail email


iOS 7 screenshots address book contactsiOS 7 screenshots block calls contacts


Hello, beautiful simplicity.

iOS 7 screenshots calendar yeariOS 7 screenshots calendar monthiOS 7 screenshots calendar week dayiOS 7 screenshots calendar week day


Looks like Reminders is getting its own to-do list function.

iOS 7 screenshots remindersiOS 7 screenshots reminders


Bye-bye, tacky fake torn steno pad.

iOS 7 screenshots notesiOS 7 screenshots notes


One of the best-looking enhancements to Safari is the tab view, which you can see in the second shot. The third is new bookmarks view.

iOS 7 screenshots safariiOS 7 screenshots safari tabsiOS 7 screenshots safari bookmarksiOS 7 screenshots safari shared links


Turn-by-turn directions are seen in the second image.

iOS 7 screenshots mapsiOS 7 screenshots maps turn by turn directions


I can’t decide if this is an improvement over the green felt craps table or not.

iOS 7 screenshots gamecenter


The fourth image shows the new integration with Flickr and Vimeo (the way Facebook and Twitter are already integrated).

iOS 7 airdropiOS 7 airdropiOS 7 airdropiOS 7 screenshots flickr vimeo


iOS 7 screenshots calculator


The Compass app comes with a nifty new auto-level feature. Apple hasn’t yet shown off this feature in any official screenshots, so I’m guessing they’re not satisfied with it yet.

iOS 7 screenshots compass

Music Player

iOS 7 screenshots music player

iTunes Store

As you can see in the Newsstand shot in the third image, the wooden bookshelves are going away, too.

iOS 7 screenshots itunes storeiOS 7 screenshots itunes movie storeiOS 7 screenshots newsstand

iTunes Radio

iOS 7 screenshots itunes radioiOS 7 screenshots itunes radioiOS 7 screenshots itunes radioiOS 7 screenshots itunes radio

App Store

The App Store is getting two nifty new functions. A new “Kids” category groups together all of the kid-friendly apps in the App Store, while an “Apps Near Me” list shows you what apps are the most popular in your current location. Should come in mighty handy for travelers.

iOS 7 screenshots app storeiOS 7 screenshots app store kidsiOS 7 screenshots app store nearby


Passbook will let you scan QR codes to add a card to your collection.

iOS 7 screenshots passbookiOS 7 screenshots passbook


iOS 7 screenshots stocks


What you can’t tell from these screenshots is that they’re all animated. The rain looks like real rain, the snow flutters from the top of the screen exactly like real snow would. The sun in the first one even glints and creates lens flares.

iOS 7 screenshots weatheriOS 7 screenshots weatheriOS 7 screenshots weather


Nothing flashy to see here, but I thought it was worth including because even Settings is getting a makeover. The second image shows controls for the new iCloud Keychain feature.

iOS 7 screenshots settingsiOS 7 screenshots keychain

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