ULTIMEYES® App Promises to Give You Better Vision


“There’s an app for that” has just taken on a whole new dimension. Just when I thought I’ve heard of everything, I discover this app called ULTIMEYES®.


It’s a well known fact that as we age, our body – and its individual parts – just don’t function as well as they used to. And when it comes to vision, unless you have really good genes (and even then, really), degradation is inevitable. Of course, having bad eyesight at an early age is a different story.

What ULTIMEYES® promises is to “reverse the effects of aging eyes”. So, if you’re starting to squint just to see the letters on your computer screen, and nothing seems to be working for you, then might as well give ULTIMEYES® a look-see.

If you’re willing to risk throwing away $5.99, that is.

How does it work? The website says it is backed by science, and this is how it works:

ULTIMEYES® is a non-invasive interactive program designed specifically to improve vision by optimizing visual processing in just four simple 25-minute sessions per week for a total duration of eight weeks.

Our customers’ performance of ULTIMEYES® is monitored by professional ULTIMEYES® vision coaches to ensure maximum effectiveness. Additionally, we make performance data of each session available to your eye-care provider so that he/she can monitor your progress as well.

On average, participants in our monitored studies—conducted by University of California researchers—improved by two lines on the eye chart!

For more details, take a look here.

The promise is very tempting, isn’t it? And, for only $6, you’re not risking much.

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