RUMOR: Apple could hold a “Macbook Event” on Oct 14th

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This is an artists rendering of a possible Macbook Pro redesign.

Those of you that just can’t wait for a Macbook line refresh may get it sooner rather than later according to John Gruber of Daring Fireball.

According to his sources we could be seeing a Macbook Event on Oct. 14th.

Apple has recently warned retailers to stock up on current inventory, which adds further fuel to the fire of this rumor. There is no word on what we can expect to see here from John, but you can imagine that the rumor engine is just warming up.

Before Oct. 14th we’ll have stories about the iTablet or better yet, the Macbook Touch, and someone will throw in the Cinema Displays and Mac Mini updates as well (because they always do).

What we’re likely to see, though, are newly redesigned Macbooks and Macbook Pros that will fit in better aesthetically with the iMac, iPhone, and Macbook Air.

If they do this, though – you have to wonder – what will they do at Macworld? …and don’t say Snow Leopard. If it truly doesn’t have any “new features” then what on earth would they present at the keynote? Is Steve Jobs just going to stand up there and watch it NOT crash for an hour?

If we don’t see an event in Oct, then we know what we’ll see at Macworld – if we do get this special event, though, that’ll open up a whole new speculative bag.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “RUMOR: Apple could hold a “Macbook Event” on Oct 14th

  1. Hmm I think Apple also makes Mac pros and iMacs, and a whole bunch of software, like iWorks (remember that) Final cut pro etc. there is tons of stuff they can talk about during Macworld.

    PS is the url field a required field. do i need to have a website to post comments.

  2. @MySchizoBuddy

    No, you can do what you did and post comments just fine –

    and yeah, I am fully aware that Apple makes ALL of those other products – but a new iMac redesign doesn’t seem likely right now, Mac Pros are fine – but nothing to make the key spectacle of Macworld – and the same goes for iWork and Final Cut Pro — there is no Apple software suite that is going to be the key focal point of Macworld.

  3. We will probably see the laptops updated at the next event and, I truly believe that we will finally see the long rumored tablet at MacWorld. The tablet also would make sense with the upcoming Snow Leopard- to me anyway.

  4. An October MacBook/MacBook Pro Update leave MacWorld free for the “new product with lower margins” that has been “announced” but no one no what it is. A guess would be a converged Mini and AppleTV with digital tuner and LCD flat panel TV with wireless connectivity between them, as MacWorld is right before digital over the air TV takes effect.

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