50 “Tracking Apps” That May or May Not Make Your Life Better

It’s undeniable that mobile phones are becoming increasingly integral in our lives. They are almost extensions of many of us, and let’s face it, a lot of us would struggle without our electronic friends there to help us communicate, check social media, news, travel arrangement and so on.

It is the huge array of apps that have been designed that make smart phones so, well, smart – and a whole load of life-tracker give us the ability to keep an eye on pretty much every area of our lives, from daily tasks and appointments to health, fitness and finances. Vouchercloud recently created this guide to 50 apps that let you track just about everything. But is this a great way to take control of your life or technological micromanagement?

Take a look at these 50 tracking apps.

tracking apps

Bio: Ashley Fleming loves and hates technology and is intrigued by the relationships that we have with machines. His work can be found at the Vouchercloud blog.

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