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The Top 6 Most Versatile Drawing Apps for Mac

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Certainly, creating digital art or virtual art is not a piece of cake. But if you have a keen desire to do so without spending much, you will find this article of extreme help.

We have for you some of the most versatile drawing apps not only for Mac but for your Android as well. If you have any one of the best Android emulators and Mac for IOS, then get ready to unleash your creativity and create magic.

Without any further delay, let’s see what the hype is about.

1. Autodesk Sketchbook

The name itself sounds pretty appealing to entice artists.

Many of the professional illustrators and digital artists claim it to be one of the best platforms for young artists. Originally it was developed by Alias System Corporation before Autodesk acquired it.

Now, obviously, art comes from an idea; however, it provides you with certain exciting features to add more magic in your creativity. For instance,

  1. Radial/pie menu user interference
  2. Painting and sketching tools such as over 140+ brushes, pencils, rulers, and markers
  3. It allows you to take screenshots.
  4. You can also create animations and flipbooks.
  5. Easy export and import to Adobe Photoshop.
  6. You can customize brushes as per your preference.

These are only some of the features – and it’s completely free.

2. ArtRage

This incredible software for digital painting is developed by Ambient Design ltd for macOS and Android.  Whether you are a kid or a professional artist; you will find yourself hooked up to this application.

It offers plenty of exciting features to compel users towards it.

Let’s see what those are:

  1. Traditional drawing tools such as oil paints, spray paints, acrylic, pencils, brushes, sticker spray, rulers, metallic, etc.
  2. It also has special effects to make your work more appealing.
  3. It allows you to use a hand stylus for convenience.
  4. Recordable actions.
  5. Tracing, smearing, blending, color mixing, blurring, symmetry, and complementary color system is also some of the other features it has in store for you.

However, there is a catch. It is not free; you will need to purchase it. But it’s intriguing features make it worth the cost.

3. Krita

Moving forward, we have Krita.

It is another professional, free, and open source painting program.  Its main focus is to provide affordable tools and platforms for everyone. Hence, even if you are just starting to master the skill of art and drawing, it is the best choice for you.

On the record, free learning is also provided.

Let’s dive into its unique features:

  1. Customizable layout
  2. Dark and light color themes
  3. Beautiful brushes- over 100 professional brushes.
  4. Brush stabilizer- 3 different ways to stabilize and smooth your brush from shaking.

It is completely free.

4. Inkscape

This application is an open-source powerhouse of creativity designed for artists, illustrators, and even web designers.

You definitely need to check this one out. It has vast compatibility with Linux, Windows, and macOS simultaneously.

It provides a rich set of incredible features both for artistic and technological use. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Pencil tools, calligraphy tools, pen tools, shape tools, and text tools.
  2.  Color selector and color pickle tools.
  3. You can customize its functionality for your ease.
  4. Simple interference, UI Layout similar to old versions of Adobe illustrators
  5. Multi-lingual support

Using these and many more features you can now design and manipulate objects, create illustrations like cartoons, comic books, logos, etc.

It is one of the best tools for iOS App designers.

5. FireAlpaca

It has certainly earned its rightful place in the list of most versatile drawing apps for Mac.

Mostly, because it is one of the few apps that are lightweight and best for older devices. Hence, no need to buy an expensive new gadget as long as FireAlpaca has got your back.

This software is available in almost 10 distinctive languages and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

In terms of features, it doesn’t offer as much as the other platforms in.

However, the features provided are still very helpful and fun to use.

Here is what it gives you:

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Speedy Performance
  3. Brushes, colors, and layers, etc
  4. Pen, Pencil, Airbrush, and watercolors, you can customize your pens as well.
  5. The most exciting one, it has a 3D perspective.

You can seek help from this short tutorial.

Hence, if you have old hardware, this will work like a charm for you.

6. MediBang Paint

Medibang Paint is also a powerful tool for illustrators and inspired sketchers.

It is primarily more focused on comic book art, but you can still use it for some good sketching.

It is compatible with both Android and macOS and comes with complete guidance. You can head on to their site anytime and watch the tutorial on how to use it.

Evidently, it also offers a bunch of tools to intricate graphics and sprinkles maximum creativity in your work. The list is given below:

  1. More than 50 brushes
  2. Over 800 Background and tones
  3. For comic artists, it has about 20 different fonts.
  4. Cross-platform integration with cloud
  5. Over 800 free resources

The Bottom line

Each of these apps has some of the most exciting features and tools to offer. Pick the one that suits you the best and transform your ideas into eye-catching art.

While these are some of the best drawing apps for Mac, they will give a wonderful drawing experience on Android too.

There is no end to creativity.

While we are on that topic, you might also want to check some more fun apps for pc with complete guidance.

I hope it was helpful.

Kokou Adzo

Kokou Adzo

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