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Education apps, Entertainment apps, Finance apps, Games, Lifestyle, Music, Photography, Productivity, Sports, and much more in this weekend’s big edition of Free Apps!

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Animal Feeding Fun
Price: $.99 Free
Toss food to animals and learn all about them

Calculus Pro
Price: $.99 Free
Nearly every Calculus topic is covered with smart tutorials and solutions

Sky Safari 3
Price: $2.99 Free
Comprehensive astronomy program

I Learn With Poko: Addition
Price: $1.99 Free
Learning game for kindergardeners

I Learn With the Mighty Jungle
Price: $2.99 Free
Children’s game for learning about animals

Price: $.99 Free
Plays dozens of formats of audio and video with no need for file conversion

iGun Ultimate
Price: $.99 Free
Extremely popular gun simulator with a constantly growing arsenal

My Monster Voice
Price: $.99 Free
Toy for changing your voice into monster sounds

Easy Spending Expense Tracker
Price: $.99 Free
Nice-looking expense tracker with numerous features

Ah! Save Me 911
Price: $.99 Free
Side-scroller where you catch items falling from the sky

Antistar 3D: Rising
Price: $2.99 Free
3D fairy tale adventure game

Best Tic Tac Toe
Price: $2.99 Free
Nice graphics highlight this game where you play Tic Tac Toe in sand

Crazy Formula
Price: $.99 Free
Puzzle game

Destructopus: Total Rampage!
Price: $.99 Free
Play as a monster, protecting indigenous life from polluting humans

Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint
Price: $.99 Free
Pool with a twist: balls of the same color stick together; presented in a clever “blueprint” art style

Mystic T Puzzle
Price: $.99 Free
Rotate pieces to assemble them in these Chinese-style puzzles

Pool Break
Price: $.99 Free
Realistic physics and 3D graphics; 4 different table games w/ online PvP

Theme Park Pinball
Price: $.99 Free
Lovely graphics complement 3D pinball

Tweet Hunt
Price: $.99 Free
Clever twist on “shooting gallery” games where you shoot Twitter users and their followers

Price: $.99 Free
Share your wine experiences with other fans

CarTunes Music Player
Price: $1.99 Free
Safely and easily play music in your car with simple gestures

Frame Magic
Price: $.99 Free
Merge multiple photos with a multi-frame window pane

Price: $.99 Free
Kaleidoscope + camera

Price: $.99 Free
Clipbnoard history utility

SwingReader Baseball: Video Motion Analysis
Price: $2.99 Free
Records video of your moves and analyzes how they could be better

San Francisco Restaurants
Price: $2.99 Free
A guide to where the locals eat

Price: $1.99 Free
Slick window-switcher

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