The 5 Best Money Transfer Apps for iOS

The right app can allow you to instantly and effortlessly send money to friends, family, merchants, and service providers, from the comfort of your smartphone.

With the slow adoption of the internet by banks, third parties have filled the gap by developing tools that facilitate quick and painless transfers between people and businesses. Your financial service provider may have simplified their online transaction process in recent years, but international transfers generally remain tedious to carry out.

This is where money transfer apps shine, giving you the ability to send cash across the world in any currency without incurring massive fees. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no charge at all, and the price you pay for each transaction can vary significantly from app to app. You also need to consider factors like convenience, security, and support.

In this guide, we explore the five best money transfer apps that are available on iOS devices. Here are the top contenders.


An array of robust offerings, coupled with speed and familiarity, puts PayPal among the leading money transfer apps.

  • Brand recognition improves trust
  • Easy to sign up and use
  • Strong security
  • Transaction fees can be high
  • Customer service is hit or miss

PayPal has long stood as one of the most popular services in this category. It offers free transfers from your bank account or Amex Send account, as well as your PayPal balance, which can be maintained in your currency of choice. You can access the site from any platform or download the PayPal app for iOS, Android, or Windows.

While not all fields are absolutely required to use the service, you can upload and agree to display your name, photo, and contact details for added security. There’s also PayPal.Me feature, which allows you to create a custom link for other users to instantly send you funds. An invoicing option is available as well.

There are numerous other features, including the PayPal Cash card and Security Key option. As for fees, there is a fixed 2.9% charge for credit card transfers and a 5% charge for international personal transactions. Keep in mind that credit card payments to recipients in other countries incur a 7.9% commission plus a fixed charge depending on the amount.


  • Large network of physical locations with cash pickup option
  • Reliable customer service
  • Maximum transfer amounts can be low for some users

The Ria Money Transfer App is relatively new to the scene but has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its low fees and unique offerings. This includes an extensive network of over 350,000 physical cash pick-up locations, and the ability to send money to 150 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

For transfers through credit or debit cards, funds can be delivered within minutes. However, those done through a bank account can take several business days. Customer service is available around the clock and you can download the mobile app on both Android and iOS devices. If you’re new to Ria, your first online transfer will be free of charge.


While not available in as many countries as the competition, WorldRemit stands out for its low fees and lack of hidden expenses, in addition to great exchange rates.

  • Quick deposits
  • User-friendly design
  • Strong emphasis on transparency
  • Transfer fees can be complex
  • Limited options in certain countries

Depending on where you and your recipient are located, WorldRemit can facilitate your transaction within ten minutes, and most transfers go through before the end of the day. There’s also a referral program that rewards you with a handy voucher for every friend you refer to the app.

Aside from bank and credit card transfers, you can also send airtime and mobile money through WorldRemit. There’s a cash pickup option, too, although it’s not as comprehensive as other providers. There are some limits on the amount of money you can send per day, but the provider makes up for it with a refreshingly transparent approach to fees.

Cash App

If you’re looking for the lowest fees, Cash App is a considerable option.

  • Quick and simple
  • Suitable for friends and family
  • Instant mobile transfers for free
  • Lack of security and insurance for transactions

While you might not have heard of Cash App, you’ve probably heard of Square Inc, the company that owns it. In addition to the standard range of money transfer options, this app offers several features that deal with investments, bitcoin, and a ‘cash boost’ service for special savings.

Fees are as low as 1.5% and you can send or receive up to 700 GBP instantly within any 30-day period. Cash App offers support for debit and credit cards, but not app wallets or PayPal. Security features are available, as well as fraud detection. However, you have to rely on the recipient to return your funds if you send them to the wrong account.


  • Quick transfers
  • Social features for splitting the money with friends
  • No need to top up your balance to make payments
  • Instant cash withdrawal to a bank account incurs high fees

Venmo is another (Android and iOS) app that allows quick money exchange between account holders. You can send and receive money through the app with a standard fee of 3% charged to your credit card. Upon signing up, users need to verify their phone number, email, and bank account, making the service more secure than most.

Bank transfers can take a few business days to arrive in your account, or be sped up to a few minutes for an extra fee. Spending limits are higher than other services in this category and you can request your money to be returned if you sent it to the wrong recipient by mistake.

A few honorable mentions include Facebook Pay, Zelle Azimo, and Western Union. What will work best for you largely depends on your needs, so be sure to round up your top picks and look closer at their fees and features before making a final choice. That said, any of the apps we mentioned should do the trick.

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