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I would start this review by talking about myself. I love working out, but generally, I’m in a hurry to complete the daily amount of work. That’s why I’ve frequently neglected exercising instead of doing them partly. A couple of months ago I came across “Streaks Workout” and it helped me to change the game. Now I workout almost every day for at least 20 minutes and it makes me sing in triumph! Check out the “Streaks Workout” review and see the perspective.

Ready Set Go!

That’s how simple it is – I swear. The app has 30 types of exercise, which don’t require any equipment at all. They are divided into 4 series.

  • Look at your today’s schedule, experience and stamina;
  • Choose 1 of 4 categories: Fast (~6 min), every day (~12 min), hard (~18 min), pain (~30 min);
  • Experienced enough? Create your own custom series.
  • Workout and feel happiness!

Every set has its own video demo and hints, which would help to improve your technique. Automatic stopwatch, checklist, and personal statistics are delivered. One more distinctive feature is voice assistant. You don’t have to watch the screen to know what to do next, because the app will say it out loud if you want.

If we compare “Streaks Workout” with the similar one “Seven app”, we’d see that they have the same basis with a different slant. They are both designed to help you form new habits.

Isn’t it too simple?

My first impression was: “Why does it have so few types of exercise?” I chose the 30 min throw and understood how wrong I was. They’re more than enough. All series match with different groups of muscles. Intense pitch hammers bundles and breaks a sweat. That is exactly what you need when your time’s limited.

Try to do same as I, and you’ll see how powerful the short workout is. Take time, and you will see the result in a few months of frequent work. Every day would become brighter, and your time-management skills would grow to infinity and beyond.

It also has a fun feature family and friends use. One app lets to subscribe up to four different accounts of your family members or friends. Just imagine how fun it is to set command goals or compete at a distance.

All iOS devices compatibility

Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – you buy the app and simultaneously get it on each gadget of this mighty gang. It means that you don’t have any excuses anymore. “I didn’t exercise ‘cause I can’t bring my TV out”, “It’s uncomfortable to look at my phone screen during the workout” or “I don’t want to carry my phone to workout outside” – developers know each of our weaknesses and they know how to defeat them. Now you can take your personal fitness instructor wherever you want. All stats synchronize through the cloud so that you won’t lose anything.

The latest version brought some more useful perks, including the ability to pause/continue sets by pressing both buttons on Apple Watch. This version of the app is also the most compact one. You know how annoying may your huge phone be when you want to be as free as possible. The controls are adapted for Watch, and your heart rate is accounted by the app. In addition to that, the everyday results of your workouts are synchronized with the “Health” app reports in real time.

“Streaks Workout” interface doesn’t need any instructions. It looks and works the same on all platforms. Set it up to your pace and forget about any dumb bugs. Don’t let the plain controls make you look for something more functional. Customizability here is just perfect for everyday on-the-go use.


  • Friendly, customizable interface;
  • The cheap 4$ solution for daily workouts motivation without visiting the gym;
  • Fit in your schedule and don’t get confused by program fails, illogical controls or something else;
  • Gamify routine, set fitness goals, improve your time;
  • Automatic export of heart rate from Apple Watch;
  • “Health” application sync.


  • There are some more full-featured apps, which lack such a smart program embodiment.
  • Some video demos could be more detailed to avoid any misunderstood and traumatism.

Is it worthy after all?

I bought “Streaks Workout” to make a test and write a short review, but it became an everyday main screen thumbnail, which I stick to. My short workouts became more frequent and effective than ever before.

The laconic design, comfort use of controls, which doesn’t annoy anytime – all these points make the app a real must-have for those, who need a true exercise companion. You can use the app as long as you need it to form everyday sport-habits. It doesn’t pretend to do something more for you. Just fair workouts till you sweat in a neat and fast multi-platform application.

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Daniel Wilson Editor at Freepps.Top.

Like the majority of my readers, I have a crazy pace of life. Sometimes I gotta juggle tasks and forget about health and educational issues. That’s why I love testing productivity apps and share reviews!

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