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Pebble App Store Opens With More Than 1,000 Apps

Pebble App Store

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The love story between the Pebble smartwatch and myself was a short-lived one, leading to the kind of disappointment that only comes from expectations that are too high – in this case, my expectations. If you’ve had a similar experience, and you are putting your hopes on the iWatch, recent developments with the Pebble Steel might change your mind about the current state of smartwatches.

Pebble App Store

Not long after the Steel was launched, Pebble updated its iOS app, which in turn gives users access to the Pebble App Store. The store makes available more than a thousand apps which fall under several categories, including Remotes, Daily, Notifications, Tools & Utilities, and Fitness and Games.

Pebble’s doors are open to independent publishers, and they have also partnered up with premium brands like Foursquare, Yelp!, GoPro, and ESPN.

With all these apps ready – some integrated (installed and controlled by the Pebble app directly) and some not (iOS App Store required) – the game is suddenly changed. I honestly didn’t even take a close look at the Pebble Steel when it was announced, but if the iWatch takes much longer, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people won’t wait for the latter.

You can get the Pebble app here.

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