JAJAH to deliver native iPhone VOIP App this summer

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JAJAH is reportedly developing a native iPhone VOIP application which is set to be released in the summer. Steve Jobs has already gone on record as saying Apple wouldn’t restrict such a thing over wi-fi connectivity, and Jajah may be one of , if not the, first to offer a VOIP solution for the handheld.

Jajah already offers a web-based calling solution for the iPhone, which users would be able to access when not connected to the wi-fi network.

Look for the application shortly after the iPhone 2.0 launch this summer.

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4 thoughts on “JAJAH to deliver native iPhone VOIP App this summer

  1. VoIP on ipod touch and iphone already exists.
    For ipod touch since 01/01/2008, (touchmods.net)
    For iphone since 02/2008 (sip.free.fr)

    You can follow the developments in progress (code.google.com/p/siphon)

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