Paid iOS Apps Gone Free – Labor Day Edition

paid ios apps gone free

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It’s one of those Mondays that we love – no work (for most anyway)! Even better, we’ve got some paid iOS apps gone free for you as an additional Labor Day treat.

Enjoy the apps, and have a great day ahead!

Paid iOS apps gone free

Sky Live™ – Stargazing & Weather Forecast to View Clear Night Sky

paid ios apps gone free

Star gazing is one of the most relaxing and yet stimulating hobbies there are, and SkyLive makes it even more interesting for star gazers. With the app, there’s no need to check your Facebook feed (or more reliable sources) for upcoming astronomical event (rare or not) – you will receive alerts for them. Even better, you get information about what’s happening in the sky where you are at any time.

Stunning space photos combined with everything you need to know about stargazing conditions for your location tonight. Stargazer or not – this app will spark your curiosity.

The most accurate hourly conditions for stargazing are estimated on seven criteria and summarized in one Stargazing Index that will give you all the information you need to make your plans. The formula was developed by a mathematician on the Star Walk team and takes into account:

– Is there anything interesting in the sky tonight?
– Can I see Saturn?
– Is it going to be cloudy?
– Is it going to rain?
– Too much light?
– Is the Moon too bright for stargazing?

Download SkyLive.

Moody – Find TV & Movies Based on Your Mood

paid ios apps gone free

We’ve all been there – hundreds of movies to watch and yet no idea what to pick. I’ve been in this situation one time too often, and while it can be funny, it is also frustrating. But yes, there is an app to help solve this problem. Moody suggests movies – or TV shows – to watch based on your input.

Simply swipe around the mood scale to set how you feel, then select ‘Movie Me’ or ‘TV Me’ to get an appropriate suggestion.

Each match pops up on a card, giving you a quick overview of the film or show. Like the sound of it? Click ‘Read More’ to search for more in-depth information. Not a match? No worries, just click ‘I’m Done’ and generate another suggestion.

Select from hundreds of mood combinations or if you just want a random suggestion off the bat you can simply request a Wild Card.

Download Moody.

Quick Fit

free ios apps

The idea of being fit is appealing to everyone. Who wouldn’t want to sport nicely toned arms or ripped abs? Exercising to get there, however, is something else.

While we might not all look like those sports models, we can take baby steps to being fit, and Quick Fit helps with that. The app targets busy people who may or may not have the time and drive to exercise, so it breaks workouts into small chunks.

– Now perform workouts right from your Apple Watch
– The complete, scientifically proven, 7 Minute Workout routine
– Additional workouts, including Quick Abs and Quick Yoga [NEW]
– HD videos with exercises performed by a certified personal trainer
– Track your body weight and workouts to view your progress
– Sound and voice cues to guide you through the exercises
– Watch videos in landscape or focused portrait view
– Unlock achievements and stay motivated with streaks
– Quotes to keep you inspired and help you reach your goals

Download Quick Fit.

Horizontal Camera Free-Video Editor for Horizon Movie Maker

free ios apps

The iPhone has made a photographer and/or videographer out of everyone, and apps make it even easier for the average person to capture moments and create something beautiful.

For those who think it’s lame that you can’t take horizontal videos when you hold your phone upright, then this app is for you.

– Three modes of upgrade: Just rotate, rotation and scale disabled
– AirPlay mirror while recording
– multiple resolutions (including VGA, HD, Full HD)
– different aspect ratios (square 1:01, 16:9, 4:3 standard)
– Eight Fun Filters to choose
– Library
– Share your creations to social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
– Open your video in other applications
– Select the video quality to save space (high, medium, low)

Download Horizontal Camera.

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