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Thanks to the internet, the number of solopreneurs earning their living online has increased dramatically. It is possible to run a number of businesses from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Easy to use eCommerce platforms such as Shopify & WooCommerce have made creating your own online store relatively easy. With more manufacturers offering drop shipping accounts – it is even possible to run an international retail business, from your spare room.

Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, it’s possible – but perhaps more difficult, to run everything from your mobile. Although a laptop or desktop computer is certainly preferable, a lot of work can now be done via a mobile phone – especially when combined with the right phone apps.

We take a look at the 4 best iPhone apps for those who are building an empire and be their own boss!

iPhone Apps for Solopreneurs


One of the biggest complaints of the self-employed, is keeping their own accounts. The tedious collect of receipts, invoices – electronic and paper can be an extra pain that you could deal without

Expense tracking software may be the answer to the long-standing issues for entrepreneurs. You can simply take photos of paper receipts in order to add them to your database of expenses – so that’s one annoying part of bookkeeping dealt with.

If you are working freelance and have to submit expenses, that’s easily done too. The automated expense management system lets you submit your expenses from anywhere in the world – as long as you have an internet connection or mobile signal. In turn – the expenses can be quickly approved, which in theory, should mean you spend less time chasing expense-related payments.


Still on the topic of bookkeeping, accounting apps like Freshbooks can save you time and money when it comes to your accounts.

To begin with, when you need to get paid – you can create professional invoices in seconds. Not only will the invoices look good, they will accept payments from credit cards, Apple Pay & ACH.

You can also automate the number 1 nightmare for business-owners – chasing invoices. If an invoice remains unpaid, you can chase it up automatically after a set number of days. You also have the option of requesting a deposit and you have the option to add your tracked time and expenses to the invoice.

Freshbooks also makes it seamless to deal with retainers and the tax due is also automatically calculated for you.

Freshbooks also gives you the ability to manage projects with team members. You can seamlessly work with contractors and business partners. A great feature within the project manager is that you can decide which team members have access to which of your files. It has everything you could need or would expect with a stand-alone project management system, including chat features, project deadline assignments and more.

As you would expect with an accounting app, it will also organise all of your books for you with the click of a few buttons. You could even combine the Freshbooks app – with an accountant-outsourcing website – to save yourself thousands associated with using a local accountant.


Moneypenny telephone answering service and mobile app can make your bedroom-based-business look like a large organisation. Not one of those corporations with 45 minutes queuing time to get through to a telephone-agent though, a business with a polite and knowledgeable receptionist who knows your business to the finest details.

With Moneypenny, you get a dedicated receptionist, who will spend time getting to know your business and to understand how he or she should handle your calls.

This can have a dramatic effect on your productivity, as you are no longer interrupted by annoying sales calls. In addition, using a virtual receptionist, perhaps in combination with a virtual address, can make your business appear like a well-established, high street company, with full-time employees and a large office headquarters.

Google Docs & Sheets

The best of the free mobile apps, using Google’s range of free apps enables you to sync the work from your desktop computer to your mobile so that you can continue to do work on the train, plane or in the pub.

You can also import Word documents and work on ‘live’ sheets with team members. You can upgrade to the paid version of Google’s G-Suite and enjoy a range of benefits including a business email address and extra storage space & security.

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