iOS Apps for Physical and Data Security

ios security apps

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Security is a sensitive topic that has people nervous when being discussed. Whether physical or data, both subjects catch attention because these make headlines every day.

Incidentally, technology has its advantages in helping us make security an easier topic to digest as well as act on. Let’s look at some clever physical security gadgets with their own iOS apps and a few apps that help secure our digital footprints.

iOS Security Apps

ios security apps

Physical Security Apps

  1. Manything – With Manything, you can put extra iPhones to use once again. It’s an app that turns iPhones into monitoring CCTVs. It live streams and records anything that gets into view. Users just need to download the app on both iPhones to make it work.
  2. Lumino Smartplug – Lumino Smartplug is a gadget that pairs with your smartphone. It’s meant to be an alarm but doubles as a burglar deterrent. You can configure to turn lights or lamps on at specific times. As a burglar deterrent, you can activate the light switch to turn on using your smartphone when you’re away, creating an impression that someone is at home.
  3. Mother & the Motion Cookies Versatile Family of Sensors – Mother & Motion Cookies is just like it namesake, it acts like a Mom that monitors a lot of things from tasks to burglaries! It’s meant to remind you of tasks that you need to do such as taking your meds, exercising, mom duties, adjust room temperatures and such. The system comes with “cookies” that you attach to a specific task and place. These cookies come with a specific app that automates it to do what you have configured it to do. One of it is to alert you on your smartphone if it detects a break in. Pretty nifty for a multipurpose gadget! Its app is compatible with IOS.
  4. SimpliSafe Home Security System – The SimpliSafe Home Security System is a serious law enforcement partner. If you’re looking at a really simple system to install, then this one’s for you. However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This system is a full security system that packs a punch where it matters: deters burglars with its 105-decibel siren, monitors household activity, 24/7 police dispatch among other things which you can control remotely on your smartphone through the free IOS app.
  5. Patronus – Among all the gadgets, only Patronus is an application that does not need hardware to protect you. It’s a personal security app that shares location through GPS and a 911 dispatch feature. Its “on my way” function shares your location to contacts through a map link. Once you get to your destination, it also notifies your arrival and automatically shuts off location sharing.

ios security apps

Data Security Apps

If you’re worried about your private life leaking to the whole world, you might want to consider these apps to protect your data.

  1. Knock 2.0 – Knock 2.0 combines traditional and modern when keeping things locked up on your phone. You don’t need to key in numbers, slide through passcodes or come up with really long passwords. You just need to knock—twice, to lock your Mac on your iPhone.
  2. Signal – Encryption might be out of this world for regular guys like us, but whatever works to secure our conversations right? Signal is a messaging and voice-calling app that encrypts all communications. What’s interesting is that it can verify the identity of the person you are talking to as well as the integrity of the channel they are using.
  3. Wire – If you’re one to be paranoid about people snooping on your activities, try Wire. It’s voted as the most secure instant messenger by Linz University in Austria. It has encryption, multiple keys for every device, and unique login keys. Over the top? That’s the price of security!

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