The top cryptocurrencies to watch in 2023

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Investing in the cryptocurrency market demands a lot of caution due to the volatility of these coins. If you have your eyes on recouping some of your lost investments, invest smartly. As of date, most of these coins have lower valuations.
That means the time might be right to buy and hold them in expectation of a likely upswing in 2023.

This page features cryptocurrencies that may improve their values depending on your risk appetite. Remember that virtual currencies are highly volatile, and your capital is at risk.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin topped the list of cryptocurrencies on exchanges. But today, most cryptocurrency prices have depreciated. Bitcoin’s capitalization peaked at more than $1 trillion but went down to $386 billion. That shows a huge potential for a price rebound to a high next year. Price volatility saw BTC at $3k in 2018 and a high of $69k in 2021.

Right now, from the high price of 2021, the price is discounted by about 70%. You may consider buying at the low valuation hoping the price will rebound in 2023. Records show that BTC usually gains 2x its price each time bulls come to play. Because of the high price, it may only be attractive to big institutional investors. You can apply for the best crypto loan from blocklender today and invest in Bitcoin.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum started operations in 2015. Recently, the Ethereum network switched from proof of work to proof of stake, making it attractive to invest in the coin. Ethereum blockchain is among the best digital books for smart contracts. Developers pick this platform because it is secure and decentralized. If you buy this coin, you can expect a yearly bonus of about 4.8%.

Buyers cannot cash the rewards until another primary network upgrade occurs. The upgrade date is unknown. About 12.2% of ETH capitalization went to long-term trading. If you are a conservative investor, you can bet on Ethereum since the network won’t disappear soon. Also, it has gone from a high of $4,800 to a low price today. That price gives buyers a massive discount.

Cardano (ADA)

This coin boasts strong fundamentals. The Cardano platform relies on the safe Blockchain decentralized network. The platform uses Proof of Stake (PoS), enhancing its viability. ADA is a credible alternative among competitors offering smart contracts.

As of date, Cardano is trading below its market valuation of a high of $2 in 2021. Lately, it is trading at about $0:42. There is a price discount of 80% from its highest price. The market pulse is that the coin has an upward potential of 2x in the medium-term view.

Solana (SOL)

SOL is attractive because you could receive a bonus, and it is scalable. The network is a cost-effective growth-oriented blockchain charging low fees, with quick transaction processing, and high market capitalization. Buying SOL could earn you more than 6% per annum from different nodes.

One fact is that coin supplies are limited as over 76% are not being traded. You can buy from your hardware wallet, and as the cryptocurrency receives buyers from NFT and Defi network, SOL will become more valuable to investors.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP continues to grow and attract investors to the network. The platform accurately processes transactions at a fast speed. The ripple payment network invites enterprises with low fees. It burns low energy making it a more eco-friendly cryptocurrency. Compared to other crypto networks, buying this coin will be sure to yield a reward in 2023.


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