The HiMama Childcare App Keeps Parents and Educators on the Same Wavelength

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Raising a child is hectic and it all happens so quickly – before you know it they’ve morphed into a moody teenager and you can hardly remember their innocent toddler faces. That’s why parents want to hold on to as many special memories of their child growing up as possible. Whether it’s funny stories, first steps or a beautiful smile capturing moments are priceless and now we have all the means and technology to do so.


With new technology and software, finding a way to record, share and review children’s activities with parents is now easier than ever – and that’s exactly what childcare app HiMama does.

No matter how busy a parent’s life might be, wanting to be as involved as possible in their children’s lives is natural even if they can’t always be physically present. The experiences and learning curves a child goes through at a childcare center are incredible –  the only downside is that parents feel like they’re missing out.

HiMama, founded by Ron Spreeuwenberg in 2013, connects early childcare programs to parents through digital communications such as face-to-face calls, real-time picture updates and digital daily reports. This gives parents the opportunity to be part of their child’s development as it happens and from wherever they are.

The app’s solution to childcare and early learning programs is based on extensive research and interviews with early childhood educators. It uses intuitive recording of behavior in the childhood setting and enables instant contact with parents through real-time emails and updates through mobile apps.  

himamma2Childcare staff can use the app to plan programs each week or automatically add program plans to a monthly calendar, these can then be shared with parents. They can easily add photos or videos straight from a phone or tablet to document observations of children’s development. Educators can use online portfolios to review learning and discuss progress with parents which helps keep an open dialogue between carers and parents at all time.

Parents can also log into the app and actively use it to keep a journal of their child’s activities which they can look back on whenever they want.

HiMama encourages and empowers staff to show off their program and share their childcare methods with parents.  Parents can then pass the highlights on to friends and family who might not be present in the child’s everyday life.

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