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Since the iPhone’s first release in 2007, the App Store has played an integral role in our dependence on the smartphone. With a couple million apps to choose from and user-friendly operating systems, consumers can quickly find everything they want or need. From games to wellness to productivity apps, the App Store has it all.

It’s time to put the power of the App Store to your finances. Managing your spending, saving, debt, and investments can be a headache, to say the least. Instead of letting payments get lost in the shuffle, use a financial app to do the heavy lifting for you.

Popular financial resolutions for 2019 include saving more money and paying down debt — and it’s not too late to make your own resolution. Luckily, there are several apps available that record expenses and manage debt in order to help you meet your goals. Additionally, you can work on improving your overall financial management, budgeting, saving, shared expenses and investments with the help of apps.

So what exactly are the best financial apps to get your money matters skills back on track? Apps such as Mint, Clarity Money, and Albert are good options when you’re wanting a comprehensive look at your finances. Other apps like PocketGuard and Wikibuy have more specialized functions, such as budgeting and saving money respectively.

You may be surprised how easy financial tracking is with just a little extra assistance. There are no more excuses to procrastinate organizing your money. Check out the infographic below for 21 apps to clean up your financial life.


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