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Happy Monday, folks.

I hope you’re not afflicted with the Monday Blues, but we’ve got a cure for that: free iOS apps today.

We’ve “serious” apps, a couple of games, and something so retro-fully cool.

(As usual, remember they’re free now but they won’t be free forever, so download while you can.)

Free iOS apps today


free ios apps today
For those who just can’t find the perfect camera app, here’s another one to try out.

This super camera helps you record videos with pause, resume capability with a simple touch and be able to add effect plus editting video segments.


  • Simple and Easy controls
  • Be able to Add Watermark with a simple touch
  • Record multiple video segments.
  • Remove any record segment that you don’t want.
  • Display the result into a convenient video player.
  • Save the record session for later somewhere. This is the most expected feature.
  • Combine record sessions and export the video using fine tunings that you choose.
  • Provide a lot of video effect and apply with a simple touch
  • Allow to add many music song to recording
  • Support 480p, 720p, 1080p for video
  • Capture native resolution for photo
  • Be able to share your recent recorded video on Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook or save videos in camera roll.Full HD video quality for uploading.
  • Auto save recording when interrupting by phone call

iPro Scan

free ios apps today

Text Reader Scan Pro 2: turns your device into an unmachted mobile scanner. With many editing features such as:

  • Page detector ( Makes croping much easier)
  • PDF documents
  • The best scanner croping tool
  • Unmatched scan fidelity
  • Simple UI
  • Rotating tool
  • Greyscale
  • Black & white
  • Color
  • Share with many social and cloud services (if they are downloaded on your device)

Cassette Gold

ios music app

Do you still remember the cassettes from the 80s?

Now you can have it again.

You have all your songs from your iPhone or iPod Touch
ready in the library.

Cassette Gold is a cassette player emulator. It plays your music and shows an animated cassette.

There is a large selection of cassettes which you can choose from. This app bring’s you back to the 80’s.

Very easy to use:

  • Touch for play or pause.
  • Swipe right for next song.
  • Swipe left for previous song.
  • Swipe down for next cassette.
  • Swipe up for cassette change.
  • Swipe left or up with two fingers (or touch in the upper left corner) to
    select songs.
  • Zoom in to original cassette size (pinch to zoom).

King of Math 2: Full Game

ios educational apps

Here comes the sequel to the popular math game King of Math! You start on the countryside and set off on a journey packed with challenging math questions, puzzles and problems. Unlock new worlds and character levels along the road and get all the way to the throne to become king or queen!

King of Math 2 is a game for the whole family and is suitable from about age 10 and up. Improve or refresh your math skills, practice mental arithmetic and solve problems in an engaging way. Play against the clock, improve your scores and compare the results with your friends and players from around the world. If you’d like a more relaxing gaming experience, you can turn off the time limit and play at your own pace. There are also examples, help, and solutions for all the problems in the game.

The game includes five worlds with 125 unique stages. Each world introduces problems in a new category such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


free ios games

Farkle is a dice game with the goal to get a high score in 10 rounds.

Every round you roll six dices, then you have to select one or more dice. Only 1s, 5s, and triples will be scored. When you use all six dices you can get bonus roll.

Highest score will be kept and shown in the game menu, you can try to beat it later.

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