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Here is your weekly dose of free iOS apps to download. Have fun!

(Note: These apps are free as of this writing; they may go back to their regular price anytime so download the apps for free while you can.)

Paid apps for free today


~ Apple Game of the Year 2015 ~
~ TIME Magazine Game of the Year 2015 ~

Prune is a love letter to trees. A game about the beauty and joy of cultivation.

With a swipe of a finger, grow and shape your tree into the sunlight while avoiding the dangers of a hostile world. Bring life to a forgotten landscape and uncover a story hidden deep beneath the soil.

• A unique digital plant for your pocket
• Beautiful, minimalist art and a super clean interface—it’s just you and the trees
• Meditative music and sound design for you to zen out to
• No IAP, no monetization strategy, no currencies
• Share screenshots of your unique tree creations with friends
• Synchronize progress across all your devices using iCloud

Business Plan by MasterPlan

MasterPlan is the ultimate business plan app for iPhone. With an intuitive interface, MasterPlan guides you through the business plan process to help you execute your idea into a fully fledged business with revenue and customers.

A good business plan is made up of multiple areas of strategy – Customer, Financial, Operations, Product, Compliance – and MasterPlan will help you break down your idea into actionable strategies.

But a business plan alone is static documents, so MasterPlan takes it a step further allowing you to create SMART (Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Timely) for your strategy.

This is the successful entrepreneur’s process. Break your big idea up into bite-sized pieces and tackle them one at a time. This kind of dynamic business plan app makes big ideas manageable and achievable.

Fiete Choice

Who is the odd one out?

*** WINNER of the German Computergame Award ***
*** WINNER of the RED DOT AWARD 2015 – Best of the best game design***

Strap your backpack on and off you go! Your mission: “Which picture is the odd one out?” In this hand-drawn logic game, you accompany sailor Fiete on his journey through 99 levels. A fun and exciting logic game for children from 4 years and over as well as the whole family.

You see two sheep and a pig. „Which one is out of place?“ – That’s right! The pig is the odd one out and you have to click on it. The levels in this logic game carefully build upon each other and are sure to make you laugh. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a sheep wearing wellington boots 🙂

Children will have no end of fun training their concentration levels, logical thinking and above all their visual perception with the help of Fiete in this logic game. This is fundamental for noting, processing and storing information and is also very closely linked with learning to read and write. The app was developed in collaboration with teachers and parents.

We wish you loads of fun wondering, puzzling, and thinking in this logic game!

Crosswords for Kids 1

Crosswords for Kids, Volume 1

No picture clues here! Twenty new quick crosswords by professional puzzle writer Denise Sutherland. All these puzzles have been written for children aged around 9–13. They’re great for adults learning English as a second language, too. These are proper crosswords, with an easier vocabulary and easier clues than an adult’s crossword.

The grid and clue lists are interactive — tapping a clue or square calls up the standard system keyboard to enter the letters. You can continue to interact with the grid while the keyboard is active.

You can zoom in on the grid, filling the screen with a word, and then pinch to zoom out again — or let the app auto-zoom for you!

The app has an optional timer, and settings for revealing letters, and hints if you’re really stuck (type ? and the app fills a letter in for you). You can print from the app, if you’d rather solve the puzzles on paper.

Crosswords for Kids 1 is self-contained and works offline as well, so you can take these crosswords wherever you go. Need something to do on the bus or in maths class? These crosswords are ready whenever you are!

Uses standard Apple system keyboard or external bluetooth keyboard for text entry.

3D Anatomy

A true and totally 3D app for learning human anatomy with 3D position quiz and audio pronunciation, built on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface.

***Want to try the app for free? Click on related apps and download the free version.

– You can rotate models to any angles and zoom in and out
– Virtual dissection: Peel layers of muscles and reveal the anatomical structures below them.
– Muscle descriptions: Origin, Insertion, Nerve, Action
– 3D location quizzes to test your knowledge
– Audio pronunciation for all anatomy terms.
– Search the name of anatomical structure and reveal the 3D location
– Switch on/off different anatomy systems
– Both male and female reproductive systems are available
– Load and Save Views (bookmaker function)
– Information from Wikipedia and Gray’s anatomy textbook
– Great for learning anatomy and physiology
– Support French, Spanish and German languages!

– Skeleton (all bones in our body)
– Ligaments
– Muscles (145 muscles, highly detailed muscle models)
– Circulation (arteries, vein and heart)
– Nervous system
– Respiratory system
– Reproductive system ( both male and female )
– Urinary system
– 3D Ear

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