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Paid iOS Apps Gone Free, September 29, 2015

paid ios apps gone free

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Who’s gotten their new iPhone? Is it as good as they say it is, and are you enjoying it?

Well, whether you’re still using your old iPhone or you have the latest model, here are free iOS apps that you can download.

Paid iOS apps gone free

Trak TV Show

Let’s start this week’s list with a very timely app. With so many TV shows airing again this month, Trak TV Show is going to be your best friend. Track your favorite TV show airtimes, episodes, learn trivia, and more.

With iCloud synchronization, you can find all your TV shows and watched episodes on all of your iOS devices.


Edge Of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2

“In Edge Of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2, you get the chance to jump into the cockpit of a powerful starfighter and join the galaxy’s most daring pilots as they face off against the evil Hadian Empire. You’ll engage in perilous battles against hordes of enemy fighters, lumbering mechs, gigantic tanks and huge capital ships.

Aerial conflict takes place in a variety of beautifully rendered environments including snow, deserts, highlands, oceans, volcanic lava fields, alien cities, amazing deep space locations and even the interior of a massive space station. Watch out for dangerous combat hazards such as space mines and asteroids as you fight your way to victory in each of the eight starfighters, bombers and assault craft at your disposal. Edge Of Oblivion features stunning visuals and sound, be prepared to immerse yourself in an intense action-arcade experience!”

Need anything else?

DOWNLOAD Edge Of Oblivion: Alpha Squadron 2

Sentinel 3: Homeworld

With Sentinel 4: Dark Star now available, Origin8 is celebrating by giving away the third installment of this sci-fi tower defense franchise. As I’ve said before, there is always room for another tower defense game. If you’ve played the previous versions, then you might already have this game; if you don’t, then there is no better time than now to get it.

Some features:

  • UNIVERSAL build – play on ALL iPhones, iPod Touches & iPads!
  • A challenging campaign featuring 20 levels across 14 distinctive & demanding maps!
  • A powerful commander mech which can level up and gain new abilities as you play!
  • Over 20 unlockable turrets, orbital ship weapons, automated drones and abilities at your disposal!
  • IAP offers a new 15 level campaign, new commander, new weapons, new enemies and more!

DOWNLOAD Sentinel 3: Homeworld


This app is a Typography Generator, Cool Fonts Pic Design and Instant Creative Text over Photo Editor. Too much to digest?

Here’s what you can actually do using the app.

  • Make beautiful typographic text layouts
  • Create Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts with stylish text design
  • Create flyers and posters for your events or business
  • Make headers for your blog or wallpapers for your iPhone
  • Enrich your family photos adding creative text styles and share your love


Women’s Gym: Ladies Workout Routine

Some people don’t need any prodding to work out. Some need a little help. If you belong to the latter group, maybe this app can help.

It provides workout routines and machines and weights training. You’ll probably need to buy some weights and other equipment, though; and you have to go for in-app purchases to unlock more workouts.

DOWNLOAD Women’s Gym: Ladies Workout Routine

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