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I suppose that growing up with a menagerie has something to do with my love for animals. I remember having rabbits (lots of them, and yes, the breed like nothing else), sheep, huge chickens, turkeys, pigeons, and dogs. As an adult, I had fish and a turtle, as my condo was a tiny shoebox unfit for other pets.

If you can’t get enough of cute animals – perhaps Grumpy Cat included – then here’s something for you: the Cutest Paw app.

Now, I don’t normally suggest apps like these, but looking at their Facebook page, I think that the Cutest Paw app will catch your attention and give you a reason to smile every single day.

Just look at these baby bunnies. They’re so fluffy I’m going to die!!!

cutest paw app

How about a puppy you just want to hold all day?


And this kitty who amazingly fits into a teacup?

With this app, you can find all sorts of cute animals from the world over. The app developers share:

-Over 10,000 Animal Pictures
-Hourly Updated Animal Pictures
-Swipe to the Next Picture for Easy Browsing
-One-Click to Download Pictures
-Search by Keywords or Categories
-Upload and Share Your Pets Pictures
-Facebook Comments and Sharing

It’s free to download (thank goodness), and you’ll have your daily dose of animal love. Get it here.

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