Don’t Have the Guts to Break Up With Your Partner? Yes, There’s an App for That.

binder break up app

It’s one of those apps that either make one shake their head in disbelief or laugh – in disbelief.

Today, I ran across this app called Binder, and, believe it or not, it’s a breakup app. You know, to break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, if you’re a total a$$, with your spouse. (Not that there’s much of a difference between boy/girlfriend or spouse in this case.)

The premise is simple: breaking up is difficult, so why not let technology do it for you? That way, you do not have to have face-to-face interaction. You can just disappear into thin air.

Think of Binder as the opposite of Tinder. For the latter app, you swipe to let someone know you’re interested. For the former, you swipe for the opposite reason.

It’s ridiculous to the point that one would probably download it just because.

How does it actually work?

Binder break up app

You choose your partner’s (or ex’s, who just doesn’t get it) gender, enter his/her name and phone number, and swipe. You can then choose from pre-set reasons you don’t want to continue the relationship. This is where it gets funny.

The messages are such that you really (or probably, depending on just how awful a person you are) wouldn’t say to anyone.

Some samples:

  • It’s not me. It’s definitely you.
  • I’d rather be lonely.
  • I feel like maybe I was tricked into this.

To lighten things up, the message is delivered by a voice with a thick Scottish accent – via a silly song.

I think it’s too funny to take seriously – unless you actually take it seriously. Then something might be wrong with you…

Try out Binder, and if your partner has a sense of humor, why not play a prank? (I wash my hands of any negative consequences.)

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