The Best iOS Cocktail Apps for Your New Year’s Party

best ios cocktail apps

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Hosting a New Year’s Eve gathering at home? Don’t have the budget to hire pros to tend the bar for you? You can always go for beer and bottles of champagne, but if you’ve got friends who like their cocktails, then here’s something for you.

Take a look at some of the best iOS drink apps that will quickly make you into a decent bartender or mixologist.


Best iOS Drink Apps

Drinks and Cocktails

best ios cocktail apps

If you want to keep things simple, you should try this app. It doesn’t overwhelm you with thousands of recipes, but instead gives you the essential drinks that everyone expects at a party. While you may not be able to make uber fancy drinks, remember that the staples always work.

COST: Free

Drinkspiration By Absolut

best ios cocktail apps

You can never go wrong (well, almost) with Absolut, and if your guests like the drink, then this app should do the trick. Since the vodka brand made the app, the recipes use Absolut. A cool thing about the app is that you also get to watch videos on how to make the drinks.

COST: Free

Perfect Drink

best ios cocktail apps

This app will help you mix the perfect drink with its interactive feature. It makes sure that you use the exact amount of each spirit so that you get – well, the perfect drink.

The downside? You’ll have to get the Perfect Drink scale, which starts at $49.99. If you are a perfectionist and likes holding parties, though, it should be a good investment.

Cost: Free


best ios cocktail apps

“barback (n) — a bartender’s assistant; they are there to simplify a bartender’s job; bussing tables and dishwashing are common duties. In some establishments, barbacks may also be responsible for the safety of the bartender.”

That’s what this app is going to do for you.

Barback has a great mix of classic and new recipes. It also allows you to create a shopping list so you’ll know exactly what ingredients to buy and ensure that you won’t run out.

COST: $4.99

Mixologistâ„¢ Drink & Cocktail Recipes

best ios cocktail apps

This app adds a pinch of fun to mixing drinks. It has all the classic recipes and features of many iOS cocktail apps, but it also has a “random” feature, which “has a slot-machine interface, which lets you find random cocktail recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria. The Cabinet and Random features are user-friendly because we’ve broken down ~1,300 ingredients into 87 categories”.

Fun or not?

COST: $0.99

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