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There are a litany of reasons that you might want a file-storage app on your iPhone, you might like the mobility it brings, you might want an extra layer of back-up or you might just be looking to save space on your phone (though files don’t really take up that much space). In any case, it’s probably a good idea to have at least one of the file storage apps for the iPhone available on your device. That way you never have to worry about losing that big presentation that you’re supposed to give at the end of the quarter. Here are a few of my favorites.

file storage apps for the iphone
FileApp is sweet because they’ve done an incredible job syncing their platform with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader. While some of the other apps might want you to convert files before you can view or annotate them, these guys have done a great job at streamlining their product. It’s also pretty good at working across devices which is a pretty big deal if you’re trying to run a business or work through a lot of stuff.

file storage apps for the iphone
Google Drive is one of the better file storage apps on the market. If you’re looking to keep your stuff secure but you also want to share docs then this is the go to. It’s easy to manage and keep all your files organized. I think that they need to make it a little more streamlined, but it’s certainly worth trying out, especially if you’re using Google docs in your business.

file storage apps for the iphone
OneDrive has been a favorite for a long time because it’s so good at working across platforms, whether you’re on your computer, iPhone or iPad, you can always work with files. Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of glitches with the current version. The message boards and reviews that I’ve found haven’t had much positive to say about the new updates. This is kind of common with the new iOS, so maybe wait a bit and let them get their ducks in a row.

file storage apps for the iphone
When it comes to file storage apps and services, Dropbox is the king. I use it for everything, most notably to keep all my receipts in order since they’ve added the new feature that lets me scan my receipts and keep them in a file. Then when the tax season rolls around I just pull up that file and start looking for “legitimate business expenses” that I can write off. But I also use it to keep valuable PDFs and other stuff that I need. The free version comes with 2 gigs of data, so definitely enough for me but you can pay to get a terabyte. The downside is that it’s kind of inconvenient for sharing, so if you want to work on a project with a team, you’re not going to want to go through Dropbox.

file storage apps for the iPhone
Documents 5 isn’t really a storage app in the typical sense, rather it syncs with the other file services that you want to use. It’s a great way to manage your files, since while the other file storage apps are great for keeping your stuff, they’re not always the best at keeping it organized. Plus, you can annotate PDF files in Document 5, which is a big deal for me.

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