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Apple Apps For School

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School back then was probably harder and more tiring than it is today. We owe that to one thing, the lack of search engines and apps. Those things have made searching for homework help answers a breeze. Since then, that sort of modern privilege has evolved to a point where searching for answers can be done handheld, especially with Apple devices through the App Store. Some Apple apps for school are certainly better than others in helping students.

Apple Apps For School
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With that in mind, students have it easier these days. Gone is the era of rummaging through a library to finish that term paper. These days, all you have to do is open your phone, Google, and use some apple apps for school. Still, evaluating which Apple apps for school are the most beneficial to you as a student can get rather confusing and time-consuming. So we have made a list of the best Apple apps for school to save you time and get you focusing on academics instead. Here they are:


The title is pretty self-explanatory, but Evernote is a note-taking app, pure and simple. Well, not that simple, notes are everything in college, even high school, after all. What Evernote does differently when compared to taking your notes by hand is how it organizes everything for you automatically. You can even enhance your notes and add some audio recordings as well. The best part? You can share notes with other devices so that you can monopolize the economics homework help.

Quizlet Go

You might have the best and most complete notes ever, but are you really prepared for that quiz or exam? Sometimes studying for them is not just about taking notes and reviewing them. Sometimes you will need something more effective, like other people’s studying templates which might be proven and more efficient than reviewing notes. For that, Quizlet Go is an immense help. It touts itself as having a wide range of topics to study and choose from, meaning it can help with any subject.


As you get older, even in school, you will find that your responsibilities are piling up and it is only a matter of time before you have to resort to multitasking. That can get pretty hectic and chaotic if you are doing it just mentally or even on paper. Sometimes you will need an app to suit your needs and organize your life. Todoist has proven its function to over 10 million users already and it lets you organize everything, and we do mean everything.


Brainstorming can get rather difficult and disjointed with multiple people chipping in on the idea plate. Even if you going solo in your ideas, it can still get perplexing. Hence, mapping your ideas and putting them on the record is crucial if you want to have the perfect execution. Xmind is the right tool for this and it lets you record your own thought process for when you need to look back at it and make some improvements or stay on track.

Myscript Calculator

Your student toolset it not complete without a trusty calculator. There are plenty of calculator apps out there which can do your math for you, however, they all have one problem: they are too digital. So Myscript Calculator hatched a brilliant idea: a digital calculator where you input the mathematical formulas and equations by hand as if writing with a pen. That actually helps you remember them better, kinda like doing it on paper but without the mess. This makes math a piece of cake.

iTunes University

Not content with your uni’s curriculum? Or maybe you just want a taste of what other schools have to offer? iTunes University has an answer for that and lets you review academic materials from other schools. After all, getting a second opinion in your lessons should not hurt.

Dragon Anywhere

Taking notes by yourself can get rather tedious. You can always record your own voice when reciting the lessons or reviews by yourself, but then it might get lost and you might also have to transcribe it, which is even more tedious. Luckily, Dragon Anywhere exists and can help you put your recordings straight into text. It even lets you edit your documents using only your voice. It is definitely useful for professionals too and not just students.

Scanner Pro

With all those digital acrobatics said and done, there are times when you will find information on books or papers which cannot be found one the internet. For that, you will need a scanner, and Scanner Pro is one of the handiest. You may be asking why not just use your phone’s camera? Well, that’s because Scanner Pro lets you convert your scanned images straight into text, for editing or copying and pasting, something a camera app cannot do. How cool is that?

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