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With so many dating apps online, it’s hard to find something decent. However, there are quite a few that generally have positive reviews. We’ve decided to check some of them out and see whether they live up to all the praise. In this post, we talk about DoULike dating app, review its features, and give our unbiased opinion.

Why this app? Because people have been talking about lately, and it seems to be gaining popularity among a pretty large audience. But how good it actually is? Will this app work for you? That’s what you’ll be able to learn from this DoULike review. 

DoULike Dating App Review

Member structure 

One thing that we instantly liked about the platform is the member structure. There is someone of any age, from 20 to 60. DoULike has a 17+ age rating on the App Store, so you should expect potentially suggestive content, which is fine for a dating app if you ask me. What’s really good about it is that you can actually filter your search based on preferred criteria – an invaluable feature for such a large community of users. It might seem weird but not all the apps have it. Some only let you talk to the people that were chosen for you by the algorithm. Luckily, it’s not about this one. 

Pros and Cons

Let’s dive into this part of the DoULike app review on a positive note. Pros first. It’s very user-friendly, it’s responsive, and it doesn’t occupy much of mobile data or your iPhone memory. 

A big like to its design and loading speed – much better than many other dating apps. What we also noticed is that the app has a cool matchmaking system. It finds users for you based on your preferences and the location. Next, things are almost too simple, you like someone, they like you back, and you’re having a chat! 

Moving on to the cons, we haven’t noticed anything particularly bad or discouraging, but DoULike does have some minor drawbacks. First off, you have to pay to really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the app is not completely free. The features that will make your experience really fun costs money. But it might as well be a good thing because fewer freaks and pervs will try to join, which significantly increases the chances of meeting an adequate person. Another thing is a somewhat lacking filter. You can select the preferred gender, location, and age, but that’s about it. Not a serious drawbacks but still something we noticed.   

Sign-Up & Login Process

When you download a dating app, you expect it to be swift and hustle-free. Nobody is going to go through a long and daunting registration process. Finding someone fast – that’s basically the mere reason why people use such things. Thankfully, DoULike is doing fine in this regard. If you have a Facebook account, you can sign up using one, or you can also create an account in a standard manner – via email. And by the way, it doesn’t mess with your social media privacy settings so don’t worry. It won’t let all your friends know that you’ve just joined a dating community. The app will keep it to itself. Once you’ve created your account, you can log in via your iOS app or via Mac. DoULike has a dating website too, it’s called


As we’ve mentioned above, it’s not free. In order to enjoy all the features, you’ll have to purchase a subscription. As of now, there are three available options:

  • 1 month subscription: $19.99
  • 3 months subscription: $44.99
  • 6 months subscription: $59.99

DoULike cost seems ok anyway, not too pricey for people looking for a partner, but not so cheap for weirdos trying to send their nudes to everybody. You can take one month to test the waters or dive in real deep with half a year. We purchased the cheapest one just to see whether it will make any difference, and it did, actually. It opened up unlimited messages, we were able to see all the views and likes, and send unlimited gifts too. Don’t laugh, gifts are the life savior for anxious introverts on dating apps. 

DoULike Blog

They have a blog! We were super excited when we noticed they have a blog that’s actually alive and regularly updated. It’s always a sign that the company really tries, and that they are here for a long time. So, things you might find in the DoULike blog are very different, from the relationship tips and holiday gifts ideas to the flirty messages examples and even movie reviews. We liked it and would give the company a big thumbs up for going this extra mile.

Editor’s Bottom Line 

Overall, our DoULike rating is 4 out of 5. We’ve tested an app from all angles, compared it to what we’ve already seen before, and settled with this number. It’s a good online space to meet a potential partner. The size of the audience leaves us hopeful. It looks like pretty much everyone will be able to find a match on this app. However, there were some drawbacks. Even though they are minor, we can’t pretend there aren’t any. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the people, not the features or lack thereof. 


We hope you’ll find our review helpful. If you’ve been considering this app, give it a try. It will provide all the necessary tools for a smooth online dating experience. And let us know what you think about it, we’d love to hear from you! 

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