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There are thousands of games available to play on mobile, but finding those that are actually worth your time is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many can only keep your attention for five minutes, but there aren’t many games that scratch that itch for the amusement games where you actually get something when you win.

That’s where Clawee steps in. Clawee is a claw machine game you can play on your phone and win real-world prizes. Y can play real-world machines and win real claw machine game prizes and get them shipped to your home! So, is the app everything it promises to be? Read on to find out!

Clawee Prize Machine App Review

Unique Fun – Perfect for a Pandemic

The Clawee App has actually been around since 2018, but upon learning about the app and opening it up, the first thing that hits you is the fact you are able to interact with real machines. Depending on where you are in the world (Clawee is available in the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, and other countries), you may not have been to any public attraction for well over six months.

The fact that you can have an authentic claw machine experience from the comfort of your own home is a game changer for us enduring the COVID-19 pandemic. You can feel like you’re stood right in front of the machine, hitting the buttons. You don’t quite get the instant gratification of your prize popping out the bottom of the machine, but you can collect coins and choose the prizes you most want. No accidentally grabbing the wrong toy here!

Clawee Prizes

One thing that’s really worth highlighting is the quality of the prizes. They aren’t a random collection of old toys from a thrift store, they’re branded products and collectables you would usually spend your hard-earned cash on.

The other great thing about the prizes is that you don’t have to get the prize you win. That may sound odd, but if you win a prize and decide you’d rather hold onto your coins for a bigger and better prize you’ve seen, you can “trade” that prize in for more coins. This gives you a huge amount of control, and ensures you only get the prizes you’re most excited for.

Pros and Cons of the Clawee App


  • You’re playing with real claw machines – you aren’t playing with a virtual machine. You get as close to standing in front of the machine as possible, and you can win physical prizes either with that particular machine, or trade it in for coins to “save up” for a better prize.
  • If you’re a VIP member, the team will ship your prize to you for free!
  • The prizes are actually worth winning! They’re not like the toys you used to get with your happy meal as a kid – you can win Disney, Pokémon, and Studio Ghibli plushies and merch, accessories, gadgets, cosplay items, and much more. If the prize isn’t something a claw can pick up, then you’ll grab a substitute item.
  • The gameplay is super simple. You move it sideways, and then forward into the cabinet. That’s it, so it’s easy to get started playing, and you can get better and more skilled over time. There’s also no delay from when you press a button to when the claw moves.
  • You play for free until you win. There are also plenty of opportunities to win or be awarded extra credits.
  • You don’t have to “buy” your prizes. If you want to play for free daily with your bonus login coins, then keep coming back each day to work on winning your prize. If you want to buy extra coins to win it sooner, then you can enjoy that too.
  • It’s a ton of fun! You can sit down and play with family and friends, play alone in bed, while you’re waiting in the car, watching a movie – and just about anywhere else you want to play.


  • It takes some time to get good – though this isn’t really a con, but more the sign of a game worth playing. However, if you just want to jump on for a few minutes, that may be a con for you.
  • You can have fun with Clawee anywhere… provided you’ve got a strong internet connection. Of course, because the claw machines are live-streamed, you probably can’t lie in your sleeping bag on a camping trip and win a ton of prizes.

Clawee Pricing

Clawee works just like an arcade – you need coins to play.. They have a number of different packages for purchasing coins, depending on whether you play on iOS or Android or on the web. On the App Store, there are 10 different packages so you can buy coins to win with, ranging from $2.99 to $99.99, and a ton of options in between.

See The App in Action…

Popular YouTuber Claw Kicker has done a full review of the app, so if you want to see exactly what it looks like to play, watch the video below…

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Clawee is an attractive real claw game that gives you the feeling of getting out to an arcade, without the worry or inconvenience of physically traveling there and being around lots of people. Got five minutes before dinner? You can finally get your hands on the Pokémon plushie you’ve been eying on the app. And, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to win. Simply combine coins with skill, and get on with winning!

Ready to find out more? You can check out their website, or download the app today on the App Store, or Google Play.

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