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Early Friday is not exactly the best time to work, but we all have to do what we have to do. Then again, there is always time for a short break, right?

So to make your Friday easier, here are some paid iOS apps gone free. They’re all game apps, so you’re sure to have some fun time at work this weekend.

5 Paid iOS Apps Gone Free – Game All You Want!

Minotron: 2112

Made by Llamasoft, this game is an update to the legendary game LLAMATRON: 2112 released in 1991. App description:

Faster, smoother, and in every way better than the original, MINOTRON: 2112 brings you 100 levels of intense, fun and humorous arena shooting action, laced with shattering explosions and spectacular effects.

Four game modes offer fun and challenge to players of every level, from novice to hardcore, on iPad or iPhone.

Minotron: 2112 is OpenFeint enabled, and achievements and leaderboards are maintained in both OpenFeint and GameCenter. Get your beast on and challenge for the highest score!

Get the game and go back in time.

Warhammer Quest

Developed by Rodeo Games, Warhammer Quest is perfect for hack and slash lovers – like yours truly. It’s based on the tabletop game and requires your best when it comes to role-playing and strategy.


  • iCloud support
  • Intense dungeon battles with Orcs, Goblins, and more
  • Travel across the Warhammer World
  • Retina support
  • 6 additional Heroes available via IAP
  • Fight the Skaven in huge expansions via IAP
  • 40+ hours of gameplay (including expansions)
  • English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Go hack and slash.

Sentinel 4: Dark Star

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it every time I discover a tower defense game: there is always space (and time) for a new tower defense game. And that’s what this iOS app is.

Interstellar war meets tower defense. What more could you want?

Get it here.


Cubic! is a game that will test your brain. The idea:

  • Build an army of green cubes by swiping and combining your units.
  • Defend against the persistent red cubes.
  • Protect your grid center and survive as long as possible.

Cubic! is a simple game that takes your finger and turns it into a commander by letting you to direct your cubes’ movement, and control an army of cubes.

But be careful, as you can only move 1 unit at a time, and your units move in the direction they were last instructed.

Get Cubic! and build your brain power.

Draggy Dead

Who said the zombie craze was over? For some, it may be, but this game might just revive your urges for the undead.

App description:

Ditch your dead end job and take up a rewarding career in Grave Robbing today! Guide the recently deceased to a fun filled life of Meat eating mayhem, be careful of the many traps and enemy’s which may lay ahead for your zombie horde. loot the many graves to unlock power-ups and culinary delights to become the number one grave robber this side of the Mississippi!

Get it here.

Of all the paid iOS apps gone free above, which one entices you the most?

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